Remember When Tony Bua Destroyed Two Guys?

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBBOBm6-0Ao Training camp is 9 or 8 days away pending when this blog gets posted and...

Podcast: Fantasy Football RB Rankings

Our friends at Perched on the Gridiron and their Fantasy Football show talk about early 2018 Running Back...

VIDEO: State of the Miami Dolphins 2018

State of the Miami Dolphins 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg_8FjaXeoI

Dolphins Quarterbacks Since Marino Retired

Jay Fiedler out of Dartmouth was the first quarterback to take over after Marino retired. Fielder took over in 2000 for the Miami Dolphins and played in 62 games for the Miami Dolphins. Jay played for the Dolphins from 2000-2004. His career record with the Dolphins...

DT Daily 7/16: Dolphins Roster Breakdown & Analysis

On today's show I am joined by Brian Miller of PhinPhanatic.com to talk about the Miami Dolphins roster as we are close to the beginning of training camp. We go position by position and break down the roster and tell you what guys to keep an eye on in training camp as...

Podcast: Fantasy Football WR Rankings

Perched on the Gridiron is a Podcast that we have a working relationship with here on our website that dives deep into Fantasy Football talk. They just released their early July Fantasy Football WR rankings. Be sure to check them out and listen below....

Tired Of Experts Negativity On The Dolphins

Like a lot of Miami Dolphin fans, I can't wait to start the season and prove the experts wrong. Seeing ESPN's Bill Barnwell rank all 32 team’s skill positions just made me sick. The Dolphins are ranked 31. Really 31? I find it so hard to believe the Dolphins have the...

5 Training Camp Position Battles To Watch For

The dog days of summer time are officially here Dolphins fans. We had the World Cup to pay attention too, which was great, but that is coming to an end soon. However, it is almost time for training camp and as a Dolphins fan, I cannot remember a year where there were...

Madden 19 Offensive Players Ratings

This past Tuesday EA Sports released the ratings of all the players of the last version of their acclaim franchise of video games Madden 19. Is not a surprise that this version of the game joins the pessimism that many of the "specialize" media members and the...

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