Dolphin fans, it is clear that our relationship with this organization has suffered some blows and there are plenty of blame to go around. It’s important that  during this time all parties involved gain a better  understating of what we can work on to make this a match made in heaven.

Communication: Mr. Ross, you have to stop with the promises of putting a ring on it every time this ride gets rocky. In the Adam Gase press conference, you went out the way to state that this hire was with intentions of making it to the alter (Super Bowl) and giving us the ring that we deserve. I’ve been a supporter of the Gase hiring, but it was way too early for that statement.

Trust: I know we’ve been burned a lot of times during this relationship but the fact still remain that we have to retain some level of trust that this organization has our happiness and pain in mind when moves are being made. I know there are a lot of New Yorkers running the show and that in itself has been a reason for concern, but this is the same guy that reached deep in his own pocket for the renovations we are seeing today. At least we know for a fact that we’re not being cheated on (Sorry St. Louis).

Accountability: There are a lot of people that we decided to fire with little change to the end result. If we fail again, who will the fingers point to. Rarely do we see someone stand up and say this one is on me. The best words to be heard in theses moments are “I was Wrong.” You can’t fix a flat tire without finding the leak. Mr. Ross explained that this is the first time he has gone with his gut when it comes to the Miami Dolphins, and it is his gut that has given him so much success in the past. I hope you are right Mr. Ross, because the years to come will fall on you weather we succeed or fail.

Commitment: The harsh reality of it all is that the Dolphins are not as pretty as they used to be. They don’t make the romantic gestures that used to sweep us off of our feet in the past. They may have even gained a little bit of weight in places I cant even bring myself to mention, but we have to stick with them through the good and the bad. We have not been the best in this relationship either. Some fans decided to roll with a sexier team (Panthers) and realized that the grass was not as green as they thought it was. Being supportive does not mean to accept any form of abuse, but it does mean to understand when mistakes are made. It means to appreciate what we have, in a time where some cities have none. Lets say #PhinsUp with pride while no one else is giving us a chance.