“Best part about being a fan is the Should’ve Would’ve Could’ve” – Delson Jeanvilma

“The Executive” will be a series of articles that will make some key decisions from a GM standpoint for the Miami Dolphins. Each new post in this series will consist of updates as key events occur such as Free Agency, NFL Combine, Pro Days, Random Arrests and the Suspension that follows. I encourage you all to do the same. As the year pass, you will have a better understanding on what it takes to run the show and allow your criticism to be more infromed. This is just based on a few weeks of research but here is what I think we should do this offseason. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.

Identity: The Identity will be what we base all of our personnel decisions on. We have to target personalities and skill sets that fits the mold. Pay close attention to see if the individuals I target fit the mold in which I will describe below.

Offense – Unpredictable

Our Offense has the necessary pieces to keep opposing defenses guessing. Our goal is to complement dual threat players such as Tannehill, Landry, Parker and Ajayi with an exceptional variation of plays being called.

Defense – Savages

Its simple, we need some nasty individuals on this defense. Suh, Jones, and Philips already brings a viciousness that intimidates, but the rest of the defense needs to follow suit.

Special Teams – Dependable

Special Teams has been great at times but this phase of the game is what you depend on as a team when you have no where else to turn. Punting, FG, and Field position is a teams life line. It’s an IV when your down and out. That is why It’s imperative that we stack this phase of the game with dependability.

Our Own: We have 17 players this year that will hit the open market and unfortunately, I don’t see a great need to resign any of them. There are a lot of cap concerns that would create a situation where the productivity and demand would not justify the payout. I know a lot of  fans want Koa gone but we can’t create  more holes in a team that is filled with question marks. As much as I would like to keep Lamar Miller, the league has proven that the RB position is the most interchangeable part to an NFL team. OV has been great to us, but unfortunately, this years draft is stacked with the same skill set. We will be Releasing the following:

Brent Grimes – Need more Physicality at this position (2016 Cap Hit 7.9 M Dead Cap 3 M)
Jordan Cameron – Need more consistency at this position (2016 Cap Hit 7.5 Dead Cap 2 M)
Quinton Coples – Money doesn’t justify play (2016 Cap Hit 7.7 M Dead Cap 0)
Dion Jordan – Need more Physicality at this position (2016 Cap Hit 3.5 M Dead Cap 2.9)
Greg Jennings -Not a major need to justify the cap hit  (2016 Cap Hit 3.9 M Dead Cap 1.5)

Team Needs Ranked by Relevance: (How we plan to address it)

1. CB (Free Agency) 2. ILB (Draft) 3. OG (Free Agency) 4. DE (Draft) 5. FS (Draft) 6. RB (Draft)  7. TE (Draft)

*Free Agency will also be use to create a great supporting cast and creating a competitive environment.

Free Agent Targets: Key here is getting the people that fit what we are trying to accomplish as explained previously in “Identity.” Offensive guards and Corner backs would be priority in this free agency. I need physical mauling veterans at this position and quite frankly, I don’t think the draft is where I can fill this void. If I cant hit on a CB here, the plan is to keep Grimes and draft Hargreaves round 1 if Jalen Ramsey is not avail, but that’s Plan B at best. Notable targets are listed below.

Brandon Brooks      OG
Alex Boone               OG
Sean Smith               CB
Nolan Caroll            CB
Janoris Jenkins       CB
CJ Anderson           RB
Vincent Ray            ILB
Jerrell Freeman     ILB
Tavon Willson        FS
Rafael Bush            FS

Mock Draft 1.0The draft will be dependent on what holes are filled in Free Agency. As you know, the NFL combine can drastically change the value of these prospect. So the following picks are solely based on current valuations.
If we can sure up CBs in Free Agency then Draft would look like this.
Round 1 – Reggie Ragland ILB – Might move down to pick 12-15 and get another pick in the 5th or 6th to get this guy. Leader of Men, Senior, Savage, Smart and Decisive. A little poor in coverage but this is the guy  that needs to be behind Suh, Wake, and Phillips. We need a bunch of hungry vultures in this front seven and Ragland is a vulture!

Round 2 – Shilique Calhoun DE – Talk about getting value from your picks, this guy is an instant starter as a Round 2 pick (If Avail). Always looking to bring the boom on every hit. Very discipline in setting the edge, may rely a little too much on strength than technique, but Calhoun is a guy that will bring fear to the opposing offense as a rookie.

Round 3 – Joshua Garnett OG – I’m not a fan of picking a Guard this low in the draft but this is a very unique situation. Sometimes there are NFL prospects that get under valued and you can only hope that no one picks up on it. Garnett is not your underachieving tackle that made the switch to guard. This is a true guard that will develop into something very special. Some OGs make it to the second level by neglecting the first but this guy handles his business at the first level and depletes anything remaining at the second.

Round 4 – Bryce Williams TE – This might be the biggest gamble out of all my picks. I will either hit big or lose big with this one, but I think its worth it in Round 4. Just like Charles Clay, Williams can line up anywhere on the field which fits the unpredictability mantra we have for this offense. He would be a big target for Tannehill with great hands as well.  His blocking and ability to run clean route will be the very few limitations that could potentially hold him back from being great. In late rounds you want to draft scrappy players that will fight for a big role not just the 53 man roster

Round 5 – Aaron Green RB – Aaron Greens reminds me of Darren Sproles. Defensive players continue to underestimate his play speed which creates terrible tackling angles. Shifty is the one word that will describe this guy. He is a dual threat RB that will make you look foolish in the open field. This guy would not only compliment Ajayi but our offense as a whole.