Good Morning Humans!! After an extended vacation I am back and have a lot of thoughts on some things taking place in the Dolphins Universe that I feel the need to comment (rant) about. So, let’s get right to it.

Ryan Tannehil-Adam Gase Love Affair is in Full Swing–Per the Armando Salguero report Adam Gase is now a Tannehil believer.  Gase and the rest of the assistant coaches he have hired have now reviewed tape of last season and they don’t get the Tannehill hate that is in South Florida. And I for one tend to agree with them. Now I am not going to sit here and tell you Tannehill is the next superstar QB or a Top 10 QB currently, but he is also a guy who shouldn’t be ran out of town and shouldn’t have this …”well its a make or break year for him” tag hanging over his head.  You have to remember, Gase didn’t draft Tannehill, he wasn’t here when Tannehill got a contract extension, he has no ties to Ryan Tannehill. If Gase believes Tannehill stinks, he can run him out of town and he can do it without hurting the Fins cap as the Tannehill extension is as team friendly a contract as you will ever see in the NFL where the cap hit is not crippling. As the report states, the coaching staff see’s the making of a good QB and they also saw what every one of us saw as well….THE OFFENSIVE LINE STUNK! He has no time to pas the ball and has taken 184 sacks since being in the league. No QB would have success behind that line. It’s the first thing they noticed. Is Tannehill a finished product, heck no and he needs to tweak his game for sure in some areas. But he isn’t the problem on this team right now. In fact QB is the least of the Dolphins issues!

Ricky Williams on Celebrity Apprentice—If there was ever a total clown who needed a reality show its Ricky Williams. I know the vast majority of Dolphins fans have forgave and forgot what Ricky Williams did in his time in Miami. Mainly quitting on the team on the eve of training camp to go smoke dope in the jungle. Well, I haven’t! I am not a big fan of Ricky. I think he is a phony and a fake. I think he is the same selfish guy who has 4 of 5 kids from 4 or 5 different girls who needed to be dragged to court to pay child support. Ricky Williams is not a good person. The Celebrity Apprentice (minus Trump) will probably be a train wreck of a show and not very good (that’s not me being a Trump supporter, that’s just me being an honest TV reviewer.)  Love him or hate him, the show was all Trump (minus when Gary Busey was on, that shit was TV GOLD.)  I don’t think Ricky will last very long on this show and if his “real personality” comes out he could be exposed to the world as a fraud which people like me firmly believe he is.

Dolphins asking NFL for Scheduling Request— In a sign this franchise has upgraded its coaching talent and moving on from the Campbell/Philbin/Sparano/Cameron disaster that has been running this team for the last decade or so. The Dolphins are asking the NFL for “special consideration” in making the schedule. Per Armando Salguero the Dolphins with 3 west coast trips next year want the NFL to make 2 of those games be back-to back- west coast road games so they can stay on the west coast the entire week and not fly back to Miami.  The Dolphins play Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles next year on the road. Kudos to the Fins for making this request and not making a silly request like having all home games in September and October be 4pm starts (which I know is a Stephen Ross request but still.) This is a request that makes sense for ON the field reasons.  It’s the first sign that maybe this GM and Head Coach have a clue as to what they are doing.

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION— Even though its not Dolphins related I guess I should make a Super Bowl prediction since everyone in Twitter-world is asking for my opinion and take on it.  In my 2015 predictions back before the season started I did have Denver in the Super Bowl losing to Seattle. So Kudos to me for getting 1 of the Super Bowl teams right. And while I didn’t have Carolina in the playoffs I clearly stated that any of the 4 teams in the NFC South could win the division and I was just essentially throwing darts making those picks as that division is a joke on every level. While few if anyone saw Carolina going 15-1, they did step up and grab that division this year and play very well.  Everything on paper says Carolina should win the game easily. Reminds me alot of the Ravens-Giants Super Bowl 35. The Ravens were clearly the dominate team but for weeks everyone looked for and created reasons for the Giants to win.  To me Carolina is the dominate team and should win easily (and probably will) BUT there is one thing working against them. This Denver team, pretty much the entire team, was in the Super Bowl 2 years ago and was embarrassed on the national stage and Denver won’t let the moment swallow them up this time. If this game is within 10 pts in the 4th quarter I could see Cam Newton and the Panthers getting swallowed up by the moment. In their only loss vs Atlanta they didn’t lose because Atlanta is some great team. Oh no, they lost because they were unbeaten at the time and they were in a tight game late away from home and “the moment” swallowed them up. Cam played poorly on that final drive and the defense came up small. Now that moment is nothing compared to the microscope they will be under in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl if its a tight game.  My Prediction: Carolina 27  Denver 13 (with Denver scoring a late garbage TD to make the game appear closer than the score indicates.) But if that point spread gets to 6 pts or more, I might throw a few boxes of ziti (reference for you fans of The Sopranos) on the Broncos because it wouldn’t shock me if Denver pulls out a nail biter and if Cam Newton and the Panthers choke away a lead late in the 4th quarter and collapse under “the moment.”

And some free advice to Newton; if he ever wants to be a mainstream star like Manning with a ton of endorsements and be a house hold name across America, he better cut the crap out with the 3 min Broadway choreographed post touchdown celebrations. Want to hand the ball to a kid in the stands, fine. The rest of the stuff needs to go. Makes him luck bush league and like a chump. And you can’t compare it to Aaron Rodgers with is discount double check thing. When Rodgers does that it lasts all of 1.5 seconds. What Newton does actually stops the game and goes on for like 2 full minutes or so.  And if Newton doesn’t cut that crap out he will always be known as the punk who was taking payouts with his father from Miss St/Auburn/Florida and every other SEC school that talked to him and his family. He can turn over a new leaf at the Super Bowl and change his reputation and image by just acting like a professional and not a professional jerk-off after they score a TD. For his sake I hope he does.