We are less than a week away from Free Agency and there is a ton of news in Dolphins land. We have a lot to cover so let’s get right to it and break down some of the Hot Topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins.

Olivier Vernon Gets the Transition Tag--For the life of me I will never understand why the Dolphins placed the transition tag on Vernon. He is an above average role player and not an elite DE and even at $12 mill a year you are paying him like an elite DE. I know you can find some PFF numbers that will say he is some superstar and you can take the paper those stats are written on and line your birdcage with them. I have seen every game Vernon has played like many of you reading this have and he just isn’t that good. He’s a nice player. He’s a nice #2 DE for a team that already has a dominate pass rusher. But for a team like Miami that has two gaping holes on the offensive line, a possible void at RB, and holes all over the place on defense it makes zero sense to overpay for a slightly above average player who had some really dumb bone-headed penalties last year, had some dirty hits, and just isn’t that good. Nice player, not great. Let’s pray to god some team overpays for him and saves Miami from themselves of being tied into this guy at roughly $12 mill a year.

Cam Wake; Buh-Bye– Ok Dolphins fans listen up you are about to learn something here. If you want Cam Wake back because you are in love of the Cam Wake of years past and are not looking through the lens of reality of 2016 then you my friend need to wake up. Cam Wake is 34 years old coming off a major (yes a very major) injury. There is a good chance he starts the 2016 season on PUP and misses the first 6 games. And if the season goes like many of the recent past Dolphins seasons go by Week 6 the season is over for all intents and purposes. Came Wake is DONE as a player. DONE. OVER. FINISHED! I know its hard to hear but its the truth. At 34 coming off that injury I wouldn’t pay him anything more than the vet minimum. He isn’t a 3 down player anymore, he is a situational pass rusher who you will be lucky to get 20 snaps a game out of and out of those 20 if you get 4 quality snaps you would be lucky.  The Miami Dolphins are a rebuilding team and you don’t rebuild by paying big money (even if he takes a pay cut he will be getting big money) to old broken down part-time players who are on the downside of their career. It’s a tough pill to swallow but the good teams get rid of a guy a year too early rather than a year to late. Cam Wake….hit the bricks! Hopefully Grier and Tannenbaum cut him and just move on.

Lamar Miller Needs to be Re-Signed prior to March 9th– Short and sweet, pay this man! His career is on the up-tick. His best days are ahead of him. He is worth in the ballpark of $5 mill a year. PAY THIS MAN!!

Nick Foles Rumor-— There is a rumor out there that the Rams are trying to trade Nick Foles and the Cowboys, Dolphins and Redskins are looking into trading for him as a back-up to their current starters.  Depending on the price I would do this deal if I’m Miami. Any pick Rd 4 or later i would part for Foles. Matt Moore is gone and well, he sucks anyway. Miami needs a legit back-up (yes I said back-up and we will get into this in a second) QB. For one, Miami’s offensive line sucks to high heaven and Tannehill has been beaten like a drum over the past 4 years. It’s only a matter of time before he takes a hit and doesn’t get up. Just a matter of time before that happens. Throw in the fact Miami threw big money at Tannehill last year and is all in on him, you better protect that investment.  Again, Tannenbaum paid Tannehill, he isn’t going to replace him at this point. And if you think Adam Gase has that power you are nuts! A 4th round pick or later for a back-up QB, I do that deal. QB is the most important position in all of sports and Miami has a void at back-up QB. I would have no problem with Miami parting with a draft pick for Nick Foles. And if you think Nick Foles is being brought in to “compete” with Tannehill for the starting job you don’t understand how the NFL works.

Next week is going to be a big week folks. It’s going to move fast. Keep checking out DolphinsTalk.com for all of the latest!