Isa Abdul-Quddus

Free Agency is here and there is a lot of news around the Dolphins. Let’s break it down.

-Olivier Vernon gets 5 years $85 million, $52 million guaranteed. Congrats to OV but the Dolphins were wise to not even attempt to match that or keep him.I am amazed at the amount of hype around OV. He is a nice player, an above average player but he isn’t an elite player by any means and he has been paid elite money. OV makes more than JJ Watt, let that sink in for a bit. OV was the 3rd best defensive linemen on Miami last year when Wake was healthy. God Bless OV, but Miami didn’t make a mistake letting him walk. Did they make a mistake not trying harder to lock him up long term last year for less money, probably. But, that ship has sailed now.

-The much talked about trade with Philadelphia went through

and it didn’t end up being horrible for Miami. The Dolphins slide down from 8 to 13 and they pick up two starters on defense. Are they good starters, who knows but two starters nonetheless. The news on Maxwell’s shoulder isn’t good but let’s also remember folks, the Dolphins first game isn’t for 6 months. So, if this isn’t a major injury (and one would if it were major the Fins wouldn’t have made the deal) there is plenty of time for Maxwell to get healthy. In regards to Kiko; hey he is making less than $1 million next year its a roll of the dice. If it pans out Miami can work out a long-term deal with him and keep him. If it doesn’t, no harm no foul. And dropping to 13, it isn’t awful. Orlando Alzugaray of WQAM says Miami doesn’t have LB Myles Jack on their board and are afraid of his knee, so to me he was the impact player at 8 I would have wanted. If Miami isn’t going to consider him, then I am fine with Miami moving to 13. Eli Apple or Reggie Ragland are options for Miami at #13 in Round 1.

-Lamar Miller is off to Houston and for over $6 mill a year I am fine with that. I love Miller, I think he can be an elite back but RB’s in the NFL are a dime a dozen and Miami can find a replacement much cheaper who can produce just as much. As I type this there is breaking news that Miami is one of 4 teams in the hunt for Broncos RB CJ Anderson.So, this is something we will follow in the coming days.

-The Dolphins signed Isa Abdul-Quddus at Safety. To be honest I don’t know alot about him and I will be doing some research and making some calls to get more info on him. I have heard he is a solid special teams player and can play both FS and SS which is good. The contract wasn’t crazy and is modest which is also good. I will have more on Abdul-Quddus in the coming days when I get more information.

-I can confirm this afternoon that Alex Boone’s representation did contact the Dolphins first, but the starting price was too much and the Dolphins bowed out gracefully and Boone did sign with Minnesota.

See Ya Psycho!

-Brent Grimes was officially cut. Miko and Brent’s Mom Deborah are on twitter blowing it up attacking people. Good luck Brent finding a new team.