************THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL’S DAY JOKE***************

The Miami Dolphins have signed RB Daniel Thomas. The former Dolphins 2nd round bust was an unmitigated disaster during his previous time with Miami and was out of the league last year. Because the Dolphins front office has dropped the ball and screwed up this offseason at the running back position they are now forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel to bring in warm bodies at the position. The Dolphins also signed Isaiah Pead yesterday as well, another lackluster RB with a low ceiling.

The Thomas signing is scary on many levels. One, it might prove that God really hates the Miami Dolphins and it’s fans. Two, it shows that Chris Grier is Jeff Ireland light. Grier did learn at the foot of Ireland and with moves like this it shows he might be a Jeff Ireland clone. Third, Mike Tannenbaum’s stay as in charge of the Dolphins organization might be very short because I have a feeling 2016 is going to be an utter disaster.

Yes, yes I know odds are Daniel Thomas will be cut in training camp and won’t make the main roster. The point is the fact the Dolphins had to even bring him in shows you how this franchise can’t get out of it’s own way and how badly they messed up 3 weeks ago in free agency. You won’t get anyone on the record to admit it but it is clear as day the Dolphins were asleep at the wheel the first 3-5 days of free agency and now they are scrambling to sign guys. And the “spin” (aka Excuse) the Fins are trying to protect future “comp picks” they feel they will receive is just 10lbs of horse shit in a 5lb bag if I have ever heard it. They don’t care about “comp picks” they just dropped the ball and that is a convenient excuse they can use to make it seem like they have a plan.

As a Dolphins fan I always hope for the best and root for them, but taking the “fandom” out of it and the “emotion” out of it and looking at this move objectively there is no other way to say it but this franchise is close to hitting rock-bottom.  Daniel Thomas is back folks and no it’s not an April Fool’s Day Joke!