When the news broke yesterday that Reshad Jones was not going to show up for the Dolphins offseason work outs as he wants a new contract the first thing that ran through my mind was; ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Everything I am about to say doesn’t take away from the fact that Jones is a great safety in the NFL. Maybe the best safety in the NFL today. With that said, if Miami caves and gives him what he wants they have lost their minds! Jones in 2013 signed a $29.285 million contract extension. All he did the next year was fail a drug test and miss the first four games of the season. The Dolphins rewarded Jones and Jones spit in their face. Now, less than 3 years later Jones has his hand out again and wants more. If the Dolphins are dumb enough to fall for this a second time, then shame on them.

Yes, Jones is a great player. Yes, you want to keep great players around. Yet, when Jones failed that drug test and missed 4 games he lost all goodwill he had with this organization. Jones needs to play out his contract and then worry about a new deal. And then by all means, if he keeps his nose clean, he can ask for the moon and the sky and maybe Miami should give it to him then. But cave and give it to him now; No Way Jose!

Let’s also remember there is a little risk v reward situation here as well. Jones is just one failed drug test away from getting a full year suspension. Miami is taking on all the risk by breaking the bank for Jones and then hoping he stays clean. Lord knows last time Miami wrote Jones a huge check he didn’t stay clean.

Reshad Jones is a great player but at the end of the day….SCREW YOU! This team came in last place with ya. They sure as heck can come in last place without ya! How much value does he think he really has?  The problem with the Dolphins isn’t just a lack of talent on the roster it’s also a lack of leadership and character. Jones is the poster boy of a great player who is a “me-player” who is part of the problem in Miami’s locker-room. For the Fins to get better they might need to take a long hard look at some of the “superstars” on their roster and clean house. When you are a bad team you sometimes have to open the window and let the stink out. And with a new head coach and GM there is no better time than now to open that window and rid this franchise of the stink.

With the action Jones took yesterday, he proved to the world he is part of stink. Not with his on the field play but with his character.

The plus side for Miami is this all went down on Draft week. There might be a saving grace Miami can rid themselves of this drama and move Jones this weekend and get something of value in return for him and move on.