It’s a great pick and I don’t care about the video. Tunsil didn’t fail one drug test in college and he didn’t fail the drug test at the combine and he fixes Miami’s offensive line issues. Tunsil is an elite athlete, he was the #1 player in this draft up until 6pm tonight, and he is a premier player who’s ceiling is very high. The Dolphins invested in Ryan Tannehill and its time to protect Ryan Tannehill to get the most out of your investment. The Dolphins offensive line went from a weakness to a strength tonight.  I don’t care who the running back is now, any running back will have success behind this offensive line.

I Love this Pick! It’s about getting top end athletes who are game changers and the Dolphins got that tonight.

And in comparing Myles Jack to Laremy Tunsil, just remember someone can get off pot and not be an idiot and turn around their life. With Myles Jack his knee and how long that lasts is only in god’s hands. Not to mention it’s a very safe bet that Dallas Thomas has played his last game as a member of the Dolphins and that should make us all very happy.