This a new segment on called “FACE OFF” featuring Tom and Mike who will debate a hot topic surrounding the Dolphins. The first topic is…


Opening Shot (Tom)- Mike, I can see your pessimistic look at the Dion Jordan topic.  As many of you readers know, Dion Jordan will be potentially reinstated later this week, with the hopes he will be on the practice field soon enough.  I don’t see why you’re not excited about this Mike.  Look, the man made a mistake, if he is telling the truth (check out USA Today article regarding his re-instatement), he will be a huge asset to a weak defense.  The man wasn’t the 3rd overall pick because of look.  He is a monster, he will play a big role in this defense once he gets on the field.  He is athletic enough to handle TE’s and strong and lengthy enough to handle pass rushing detail.  Put your big boy pants on and embrace Dion Jordan.  If he hits the field as a starter, the defense will be miles and away better than they were last year?  What, were you hoping for Jelani Jenkins or Koa Misi to handle the load?  How far did that take us in 2015?  He’s a clean slate and a bargain on his final year. 

Counter Argument (Mike)-Here is what I don’t get about you Tom and why I think you are totally hypocritical on this topic. In the latest edition of the podcast you want to run Koa Misi out of town because he got in a fight at a bar. He didn’t get caught with 10 illegal weapons in his trunk, he didn’t fail a drug test, he didn’t smack around his wife or girlfriend, he just got in a bar room fight and you want to run him out of Miami and off the team. Yet, in the next breath you want to welcome a drug using loser like Dion Jordan back to the team with open arms. A guy who has more failed drug tests in his NFL career than sacks! Dion Jordan ranks up there with Ryan Leaf and Tony Mandrich as one of the All-Time biggest Draft Busts in NFL history.  He cannot be trusted and even if he is reinstated by the league office as it is no sure thing he will stay clean. Dion Jordan is Josh Gordon 2.0. You can give the guy a ton of chances but he will screw up time and time again and let you down. What’s the old saying Fool me Once, shame on you, Fool me Twice (or in this case three or four times)….yeah you know the rest.

Rebuttal (Tom)- That was cute.  Koa Misi’s fight is beyond ridiculous.  He puts up more of a fight in a bar against a nobody than he does on the football field.  I think my grandma can run him over on the field.  NFL draft bust?  Do we really know that yet?  Comparing Dion Jordan to the likes Greg Hardy is beyond lunacy!  He smoked pot, he didn’t commit a felony.  Didn’t we have someone else on this team that had an issue?  Wasn’t his name Ricky Williams?  Welcomed back with open arms in 2007 only to get injured, but comes back in 2008 with a vengeance.  Put your magoo glasses on and check this out:

506 Carries, 2,453 yards, 17 TDs
83 Receptions, 624 yards, 4 TDs

3 seasons with Dolphins.

I will also bet you were screaming for joy when he ran into the end zone.  Redemption stories are real, giving Dion Jordan a chance is worth every penny.  Ricky proved its worth the risk. Get on board!

Cross Examination (Mike)- Soooooooooooo, why are you talking about Ricky Williams now? Oh wait, because you have no leg to stand on with Dion Jordan, that’s why! And YES we know Dion Jordan is a draft bust. He is a bust because the clown can’t stay clean and off drugs long enough to play half a season! If you can’t play (because you suck or can’t stay off drugs to get on the field) you are a bust!  He is the poster boy for a Draft bust. Dion Jordan doesn’t get a “pass” because he can’t keep himself eligible to play in the NFL.  In the NFL there are 2 types of players; a) Guys you can count on and b) Guys you can’t count on. Dion Jordan falls into the category of guys you can’t count on. And say what you want about Koa Misi, at least he is on the field for the vast majority of the games. Is he Dick Butkus or Lawrence Taylor; no not even close. But at least he is eligible to play and he doesn’t do selfish things to keep himself off the field and away from the team. And I will take that over a loser like Dion Jordan.

Not only did Jordan fail 2 drug tests, his 3rd failed test he tried to cheat and dilute the sample with cause he knew he was going to fail. Not only is he a druggie he is a loser. And to correct you because you are wrong, unlike Ricky, Jordan isn’t failing for pot or weed. Dion is failing for PED’s, blatant cheating! Here is another little  “Fun Fact” you might not know about Dion; did you know he had MULTIPLE yes MULTIPLE failed drug tests at Oregon that the school and coaching staff (thanks Chip Kelly) covered up and hid from the media and University? This isn’t a one time problem for Dion. Jordan has had a drug problem for years!!!

Sure in a perfect world Dion Jordan has learned from his mistakes and will come back and play like a guy who was worthy of being the 3rd overall pick in an NFL Draft. But stop the Disney music and the fairytale and let’s get back to reality. Just like Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, Johnny Manziel, and other druggie/drunk losers who can’t stay clean we know how this story will probably end…and it ain’t gonna end well. Yes, Ricky Williams is the exception to the rule. But let’s also be 100% honest, Ricky came back and stayed clean because he had 4 kids from 4 different mothers who lived in 4 different states and had child support payments, which he wasn’t making, coming out his wazoo. So to avoid jail time Ricky cleaned up his act long enough to pay some bills. Dion Jordan ain’t in that situation.  Dion Jordan has proved himself not to be mature enough to stay clean and to be a capable NFL player. Not to mention Ricky was a proven NFL superstar before he went off to do drugs. Jordan sucked in the few games he has played for the Dolphins.

I’m not rooting against Dion Jordan, far from it. I want him to be great and I want him to help the Dolphins defense be great. But let’s be honest here, this guy has done nothing on the field to show he is any good in the limited time he has played. And off the field he has done everything wrong in 3 years to keep himself out of the NFL. If I had to bet $1 that Dion Jordan is suited up and playing come Week 1 when Miami is playing Seattle, I’m betting against it. If I had to bet another $1 that Dion Jordan gets more than 3 sacks this upcoming season, I’m betting against that too.  This is really a case where I hope I am 100% wrong, but unfortunately I won’t be. Dion Jordan has showed us nothing ever in his life that he can be counted on. And I have learned in life to bet against druggie losers!

Now you can have the last word Tom!

The Last Word (Tom)-  You hypocrite.  Your entire garbage spewing opinion is nothing but hypocritical. First you are  against Dion Jordan but you start your final paragraph with “I’m not rooting against Dion Jordan”.  You are!  I will be happy to take your money because I will accept that bet!  Dion Jordan will be on the opening day roster, I will even go as far to say he will have his 3rd sack by the Titans game.  And hasn’t proven anything?  Let’s have your eyes examined:

Wait, step for step with Gronk?  Say it isn’t so?!  That’s one example of what he can bring to the Defense.  I didn’t see Koa Misi or Jelani Jenkins causing this many issues for the most dangerous weapon in the AFC East.  Dion Jordan will work hard and get on this roster to OVERTAKE an OLB spot.  He seems to have straightened out his life and is working with someone to become stronger mentally.  It’s his last chance and tons of money on the line.  When we look at this in the future, 2016 will be the year of the return of Dion Jordan, elevating the defense to better places.