So far lead safety Reshad Jones has skipped every voluntary event held by the Dolphins and just didn’t show up to the first of three mandatory preseason minicamps. If he continues with this and skips the next two, he will be fined a total of $76,000, roughly $25,000 a day. If he decides to continue this absence he could be fined up to $40,000 per training camp and around $400,000 per game he sits out. Not to mention he could lose part of his multi-million dollar signing bonus.

Jones signed a 4 year contract extension for $28,012,000 back in 2013, making him have the 9th most valuable contract out of all safeties and be the 2nd highest paid strong safety. Yet after becoming the first safety to hit 135 tackles in a season, being selected for 2015’s pro bowl, and being named the #3 strong safety in the league by Bleacher Report, he is demanding to be paid more because he feels he isn’t being paid like the integral part of the team that he is.

Reshad Jones is set to make a base salary of $7,225,000 this year, which most would agree is a fairly competitive salary. News of Minnesota Vikings signing safety Harrison Smith for a 5 year contract with an initial guarantee of $15,278,000 has stirred things up a bit. Smith is set to make a base salary of $5,150,000 in 2017, which will grow to a base salary of a staggering $9,650,000 in 2021. There are people out there considering this a bargain for what Harrison Smith brings to the table in the safety position. Reshad Jones is definitely an integral part of Miami’s defense, but until this is all sorted out Micheal Thomas will be taking his place at minicamp and through Jones’ return.

We still have a long time to go until the first preseason game against the Giants (59 days as of the writing of this post). Only time will tell if Reshad Jones will continue to lose money due to fines or if he can come to an agreement with the Dolphins before his wallet dries up.