Yes this is going to be an article on Miko Grimes and her Anti-Semitic rant so if you are sick of hearing about Miko feel free to skip this article. Close out your internet browser and don’t read it. No need to tell me to move on, get over it, or that you don’t care about Miko anymore. Up until about 24 hours ago I had and hadn’t talked about her at all in months, but she went on a racist rant so now I am writing this. And I fully admit Miko and myself have a long history. She cursed me out and attacked me on twitter. Then after she blocked me she had her mother-in law (Brent’s mom) Deborah Hall then attack me and curse me out on twitter. To say the whole family is crazy is the understatement of the century. With that said, let’s break down the past 24 hours of the latest Miko drama.

Where to start, well let’s start by stating the obvious. Many long-time Dolphins fans and those especially who follow the team daily on twitter have known that Miko Grimes is not a nice or good human being. She has come out against the police and been arrested in the past. She has used public airways to attack people who disagree with her and she threatened to kill a South Florida sports journalist because his football views and opinions didn’t agree with hers. This is the type of low-life garbage we have been subjected to for the past few years.

Sunday night though a new twist, Miko showed the world she is a racist. Her Anti-Semitic tweet crossed a line she isn’t going to be able to talk her way out of. She can yell and throw a temper tantrum but her true colors came out, and those colors are those of a bigot.

It would be easy to sit here and say Miko Grimes is dumb (she is) but it goes far beyond that. It’s not that she is uneducated, ignorant, and dumb; above all else she is dense. She just doesn’t get it. She doesn’t get why what she said was racist. Being dumb can be fixed; you can smarten a person up over time. But dense, you can’t fix dense. Either a person has a shred of common sense to take a step back, re-evaluate the situation and learn from it or they don’t. Clearly Miko  is proving she isn’t changing any time soon.

Let’s break down what Miko said; she knocked Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for hiring his “jew buddies” and came out and basically said that Ross only hires Jewish people because he himself is Jewish. Last time I looked Jeff Ireland, Adam Gase, Chris Grier, Joe Philbin, Tony Sparano, Dennis Hickey…all non-Jews. Dawn Aponte, Mike Dee, and Matt Higgins…3 more non-Jews. Where are all of these Jews that Miko is talking about? Mike Tannenbaum, ok there is 1. Tom Garfinkel, ok 2. Wow, 2 hires in the close to ten years Ross has owned this team means he only hires his “jew buddies?” Not only is Miko a racist she is bad at math.

To double down on her stupidity then Miko gave an interview with ESPN journalist Jenna Laine and if you ever needed proof Miko is clueless her explanation of her comments were in and of itself racist and proved she is racist. Miko said….”When I wrote ‘jew buddies’ I was speaking about how a lot of communities (Jewish, Christian, gay, sometimes fraternities and sororities) will hire their ‘own people’ for jobs before others. That’s a fact! Why people find facts offensive is strange to me. And now im a racist? Lmao! How?”  It’s a fact? A fact to who? Maybe it’s a fact in the mind of a racist, but it is far from a fact. What evidence does Miko have that Jews hire Jews first, Christians hire Christians first, Gays hire Gays first? That is only a fact if you are a racist and if you believe it!

Miko thinking she has cleared up her point and shown the world that she is as anything but a racist only went on to prove he is 100% a racist. She is the female version of Archie Bunker. Remember the TV show from the 70’s All in the Family; sure you do it’s legendary. Two types of people watched that show and laughed at it. When Archie Bunker said something off color and racist, you either laughed because he was a moron and you are laughing at him for being a racist moron. Then there is a segment of society who laughed at his off color/racist comments because they agreed with him. If you were laughing with Archie Bunker, newsflash you are a racist. If you believe what Miko Grimes is saying these past 24 hours, this just in, you are a racist too!

Now let’s get to what should happen. Miko isn’t employed by an NFL team, she is just a family member of an NFL player. The team can’t suspend or fine Miko Grimes, but you know what the NFL can punish her. The NFL makes billions upon billions of dollars and the last thing the NFL needs is a known bigot and racist putting a tarnish on their league.  With Miko’s history, with Miko being arrested at a game last year, with Miko now spewing racist rants online towards an NFL owner, the NFL would be well within it’s rights to ban, yes ban, Miko Grimes from all NFL stadiums and NFL sanctioned functions.  I know Miko believes the world revolves around her, but guess what it doesn’t. The NFL doesn’t need this headache and it isn’t the first headache Miko has given the NFL. The NFL which fines players for wearing socks the wrong way, different color shoes on game days, prevents fans from making officially licensed jersey’s with curse words on the back of them, the NFL which has a rule for everything and goes above and beyond to fine and punish players for even the smallest infractions would be well within their right to ban Miko Grimes for life from any and all stadiums and events.

And to the Tampa Bay Buccaners; have some guts! Punish Brent Grimes for his wife’s outburst. Say what you want about Stephen Ross but he eventually had enough and cut Brent over his wife’s actions. It took him a while to get there but he had the guts to do it.  Tampa now has to have some guts and say this language is unacceptable. Brent, you and your family, don’t represent this franchise the way it should be represented. You are bringing conduct detrimental to the team and Tampa Bay needs to fine or give a short suspension to Brent Grimes. Tampa Bay needs to show some guts and do something here.

Last but not least, the media types in Miami who are friends with Miko Grimes need to step up and come out against her. We all know who I am talking about so I won’t name this person but the days of saying, “It’s Miko being Miko” and telling us to move on and get over it. Those days are over. If you associate and defend a known racist, that stink rubs off on you and you too my friend are a racist as well. There is one well known media type who has defends Miko no matter what she does and up until now those things might have been over the top, silly, stupid so you kind of just brush it off and not take it seriously. This latest Miko outburst is more than that, it crossed a line and is serious. Miko crossed a line and went full blown racist. To this media person who we all know I am talking about but I won’t name,; you have run to your twitter account and radio shows to defend her in the past. Don’t get quiet and go run and hide now. Step up and come out against her and her comments or else you get painted with the same racist brush she is getting painted with. Can’t go quiet now!

And to end I want to clear up a story I reported on back in early April. In early April I reported that the Esquire Network were in talks with Miko Grimes for a reality show around her. Talks were ongoing but nothing had been decided. I reached out to my sources at the Esquire Network earlier today and was told that the Esquire Network has ditched any and all ideas involving Miko Grimes and they won’t be in business with her moving forward in any way as of this morning. Her Anti-Semitic rant killed all talks moving forward.

The Dolphins and Dolphins fans have moved on from Miko Grimes. Nobody was talking about her at all in many months. Miko was the one who threw this bomb at the Dolphins ownership, quarterback, and fans. Miko ran her mouth and put her racist Anti-Semitic foot in it. This isn’t a time where people can get on their high horse and say; “move on from Miko why bother talking about her.” What Miko did isn’t about a football opinion or if she is right or wrong about the game of football. Miko took this beyond football and accused a man of being racist when there is nothing to show he is a racist at all. And that my friends is bigger than any “football opinion.” Miko had her Jimmy The Greek and Hulk Hogan moment of spewing hate and being a racist and it’s sad.