Executives held a ceremony for the new partnership between the Miami Dolphins and the Hard Rock’s Seminole Tribe of Florida today. All the big names at the top came on stage to show their approval and excitement for the future. Everyone who will benefit from the new stadium and this awesome new partnership got some time on stage to express their approval.

Blake James and Bernie Kosar from the University of Miami walked on stage (weirdly while Crank That by Soulja Boy played) to say a few words and take photos. “When you look at this Stadium its unbelievable. I’ll say the best in the world, and to call it our home is something that’s special for everyone who is part of the University of Miami.” said Blake James followed by “We’re working to sell this Stadium out every single game.” It will be interesting to see how that goes. The Stadium’s capacity was planned to be reduced from 76,018 seats to 65,326 seats, all while moving sideline seats 24 feet closer to the field.

Bernie Kosar reminisced about playing with the Dolphins and the first time he met the Seminole Tribe on an airboat ride. He went on about how far they’ve come, before posing for a photograph while Soulja Boy played over the speakers… again.

Tom Garfinkle then announced that the Brazilian National Soccer team will be playing there 6-7 times in the future. A video of Pele himself was then shown, expressing how excited he is. The International Champions Cup will hold their first game here in 2017 featuring Real Madrid, opponent to be announced.

After that there was a short build up to announcing the Miami Dolphins, during which it was said they will play their 4th preseason game and start the season on time at the stadium. A few Dolphins were then announced and took the stage in a single file line: Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum, General Manager Chris Grier, Head Coach Adam Gase, WR Jarvis Landry, Safety Reshad Jones, DT Ndamukong Suh, and Hall of Famer Dan Marino himself. I only saw one problem with this. They took stage while the techno T-Pain remix of the Dolphins fight song played. Played the whole time they took pics too. Yeah. I think we need a fresh fight song.

Mike Tannenbaum expressed his excitement and pride for the new stadium before the host poked at Dan Marino and they all left the stage. The host went on to read off names of local politicians sitting in the audience before it was announced that Pitbull had arrived on scene.

Pitbull took stage saying “Sorry I’m usually the most punctual Cuban in the room.” Pitbull has been a partner with Hard Rock for a long time now and says he’s been a dolfan since childhood. I’m sure everyone, legit everyone, predicted there will be many concerts held at Hard Rock Stadium. This was confirmed, of course. The new stadium looks like a perfect venue to hold shows.

The room was then cleared out for reporters to take questions and others to join in with the on field presentation, The Hard Rock logo was displayed on every big screen. VIPs then got on top of a stage and smashed guitars into it to mark the occasion.

A very worthy event to mark a fresh chapter in the Miami Dolphins’ story. We all have high hopes for a great season in a fresh stadium. Go Phins!