The 2016 NFL Regular Season is less than a week away so its time for my yearly NFL Predictions. Last year I had 7 of the 12 playoff teams correct and I correctly had Denver in the Super Bowl as well (don’t believe me, CLICK HERE.) Not bad if I do say so myself. So it is time to dust off my crystal ball as I make my 2016 NFL Predictions.

1) New England—They will take a step back this year, but they still are the best team in the AFC East
2) NY Jets (Wild Card)— Their defense will keep them in every game; offense is just good enough
3) Miami–Tannehill and the Offense improve greatly, defense still needs lots of work
4) Buffalo–Rex Ryan might not make it till November as this teams coach
1) Cincinnati–I believe Dalton breaks through this year
2) Pittsburgh (Wild Card)–The offense has the potential to be great; their secondary has questions
3) Baltimore–To me this is a franchise moving in the wrong direction
4) Cleveland–Lots of young players, they are 2 years away from being competitive
1) Houston—Not a huge fan of Brock Osweiler but the talent level across the board is very good on this team
2) Jacksonville–Arrow is pointing up for this franchise, but still a year away
3) Indy–Colts are wasting Luck’s best years like Miami did with Marino back in the day
4) Tennessee- I am not a huge fan of the moves they have made this offseason
1) Kansas City— This division is tough to predict, going with experience of KC here
2) Oakland– I’m not fully buying in on the Raiders like most of America is, but they are better overall
3) Denver– They have no QB, you can’t win without a QB
4) San Diego–Franchise is in disarray right now. Total dumpster fire
1) NY Giants–The defensive talent they added can’t be overlooked; their offensive line is an issue though
2) Washington–A slight step back for Kirk Cousins but Washington is still a good team
3) Dallas– No Romo=No Shot. Dak Prescott will learn the Regular season isn’t like the preseason, but I still think Prescott has a bright future
4) Philadelphia– Team is at least 2 years away from being competitive
1) Green Bay–Aaron Rodgers is still, well Aaron Rodgers
2) Minnesota–The Bridgewater injury killed their season
3) Detroit–Bad
4) Chicago–Worse
1) Carolina–They won’t go 15-1 in the regular season, but still are very good
2) Tampa Bay (Wild Card)–Young team with a bright future getting better. I think they sneak into the playoffs
3) New Orleans–Defense is a mess
4) Atlanta–A franchise that is very young on defense and will get exposed there
1) Arizona–Best division in football and Arizona has the most talent on one team in the NFL
2) Seattle (Wild Card)–If the offensive line can be good this team could win another Super Bowl
3) Los Angeles–QB position in flux, but rest of the team is solid
4) San Fran–Worst team in the NFL this year and they will be picking #1 overall next year
AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Green Bay over Arizona

SUPER BOWL: Green Bay over Cincinnati
NFL MVP: Carson Palmer
Super Bowl MVP: Aaron Rodgers
NFL Coach of the Year: Bruce Arians 
NFL Rookie of the Year: Ezekiel Elliott