There seems to be a little “heat” as they say between Dolphins Wide Receiver DeVante Parker and Sun Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly. It has even spilled over onto twitter in recent weeks and from sources I have inside the organization DVP is hot and not happy with what Omar has been saying about him in the press these days.

This isn’t the first time Omar has irked players on the Dolphins roster. After a 2011 Dolphins game at Oakland a Dolphins player allegedly physically attacked Omar in the locker-room (player allegedly being linebacker Kevin Burnett) for things Omar was saying about him publically that Burnett claimed were untrue. Then last year when Jamar Taylor was rehabbing on the sidelines during Dolphins training camp, Taylor walked inside with the trainers to just use the hot tub and get a rub down as part of his rehab. Omar tweeted that Jamar was going inside to get looked at as he re-injured himself. Jamar actually responded on twitter and shot Omar Kelly’s tweet down stating he just walked inside to use the hot-tub and he wasn’t re-injured.

Omar has also tarnished his name in recent years as well mainly for his unwavering support of Miko Grimes. When Miko came out earlier this year and said racist and anti-semitic remarks about Mike Tannenabum and Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross, Omar wouldn’t come out against Miko and say what she said was in poor taste and her comments were in fact racist when the rest of the world was. In fact Omar said in multiple tweets what she said is true and he sided with her comments. When you side with a known racist it paints you out to be a racist as well.

It will be interesting to see where this DeVante v. Omar feud goes in the coming weeks. Maybe it fizzles out and nothing more comes of it. But from what people are telling me inside the organization Parker was irked with what Kelly has been saying about him and Omar’s standing among the players on this years roster isn’t good at the moment.