5. Control time of possession
    My first key to victory I wrote about pregame was MIA controlling the clock by   
    pounding the rock. Both teams had 14 possessions but Seattle held the ball for 34:32
    compared to Miami 25:28 Furthermore Seattle double the fins in first downs (21-11)
    and in rushing yards (112-64).
    Winner: Seattle
4. 4th qtr pass rush
     This could have very well been my #1 key due to the fact I was on the side that this
     game would be close in the 4th qtr. With MIA clinging on to a 4pt lead, a sack, QB
     pressure could have ended the game. But with Mario Williams and CAM WAKE
     out on the final drive due to injuries and play calling MIA couldn’t get to Wilson
     when they needed it the most.
     Winner: Seattle

3. Keep Wilson in pocket
    MIA did a solid job of controlling the trenches and not allowing Wilson to
    scramble for big yards. He was harassed all game until the final drive.
    Winner: MIA

2. Getting turnovers
     Surprising the Fins won the turnover battle 2-0 but wasn’t able to convert those into
     TD’s which could gave them a healthy lead. But it’s good to see Miami Players ball
     hawk by newcomers Quddus and Alonso.
    Winner: MIA

1. Protecting Ryan
     Even though RT was sacked fives times (some coming on the final drive) the O-line
    sometimes gave RT all day to through. The pocket was clean and this was the most
     comfortable I’ve seen RT look running the offense his way.
     Winner: MIA