We are a few hours away from game time of the first Dolphins game of the 2016 season. Here are some up to the minute news and notes.

-Being reported by ESPN and NFL Network that DeVante Parker will NOT play today vs Seattle. Miami wants to bring him along slowly. They aren’t rushing him back.

-The Seahawks have announced they will not do any form of protest during the National Anthem and will all stand in unity. Hopefully Miami follows suit and doesn’t do anything stupid today to cause a distraction and make headlines off the field. I have no problem with a protest of kneeling or sitting during the national anthem, but save it for next week and after. It’s 9/11, show some respect and just stand for the National Anthem. Don’t create an unnecessary distraction. This will be something to keep an eye on prior to kick-off.

-With Jay Ajai left behind I expect Damian Williams to get a lot of playing time as the #2 RB today. A very big opportunity for Williams to lock that spot up going forward. I also would not be shocked to see Ajai cut later this week as well. If he threw a temper tantrum to the effect that the coach left him 3 time-zones away and told him not to fly with the team, there has to be some serious damage with the relationship between Ajai and the coaches. Sounds like damage that cannot be fixed as well.

Keep coming back throughout the day for more news as it breaks leading up to kickoff.