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After an 0-2 start, in arguably the two toughest stadiums for a young team to start at, the Miami Dolphins return home this week to play the Browns.  This is like every other game in the NFL.  It doesn’t matter how much better you are talent wise, any given Sunday you can lose.  But after the first 2 games, one thing needs to happen.  Kenyan Drake needs to be the Dolphins starting tailback.

Now before you jump at me, hear me out on this:  Drake is a dynamic player if used properly.  The struggles of the first two weeks on offense can be pointed to one thing, no running game.  When your Quarterback is your leading rusher, you have a problem.  Miami has gone three and out consistently in the first half for both games.  Establishing a ground game is key to success.  It begins this week.  I implore Adam Gase and his staff to shove Ajayi to the side, skip Damien Williams and give the show to Drake. 

Drake can provide the spark to this offense.  He showed flashes in the final preseason game with a 50 yard catch, lined up as a receiver.  He had 2 carries on Sunday, one for 5 yards and the other a 7 yard touchdown run.  Things need to change and the opponent coming in is a perfect test for Drake.  Foster is on the sideline (surprise) with an injury, Ajayi continues to fall apart and Williams has become an after thought. 

Drake can be dynamic with the first string offense, the question:  Is Adam Gase ready to take a chance to get his offense going quicker?  Let me know your thoughts!  Tweet me @ternisse13 and @dolphinstalk