I know, I know Dolphins fans are ready to blow it up and start over and everyone is awful and everyone must go, I get it.  You may very well be right but let’s put things in perspective as we sit on October 1st.

-3 of the first 4 games were on the road At Seattle, At New England, and At Cincinnati. Did you really expect the Fins to come out of this first month any better than 1-3? Seriously, those 3 teams are powerhouses in the NFL. Maybe 3 of the 5 best teams in the past couple years.  You can be pissed at the way the Dolphins look and have played, you can’t be surprised though that they are at 1-3, you really can’t. And if you are then you don’t understand NFL football.

-On to the matter of Ryan Tannehill now, yes it may be time to move on after the season. But I am not making that call on September 30th, sorry. When you are down to a 3rd string center, a back-up left tackle, your starting running back out, your starting tight end out, and you have a short week on the road to play one of the better teams in the past decade in the NFL I am not going to kill him like many others are. Is he the long-term answer, probably not. But again, not making that call in late September/first day of October. Can Tannehil have more than 4 games playing under Adam Gase and in a new offense for crying out loud?

-Time to face reality, it’s over for Cam Wake. The guy can only play about 15 or so snaps a game. Miami made a huge mistake in extending his contract. Yes they got some minor cap relief in the short term but it would have been better if they just bit the bullet and cut him. Wake is a part-time player at best and not worth 1/3 of what Miami is paying him.

-I don’t know what the hell happened to JuWuan James but for the love of god he can’t be a starter anymore. James was never a dominate right tackle but he was good enough and most games you never heard his name mentioned. Which is what you want out of an offensive linemen. Just do your job and don’t get a penalty or do something that gets your QB killed. Well those days are over. James is getting abused play after play and at times looks like he isn’t even trying. I’m sure he is trying which is the scary part actually. Hopefully after this mini-bye Miami has Pouncey and Albert are back and they can re-shuffle the deck and get James out of the starting lineup and on the bench where he belongs.

-Adam Gase made a rookie head coaching mistake with Byron Maxwell. I understand wanting to bench him to send a message, but he could have still played him. Gase could have proven the same point by benching Maxwell for a series, two series, a quarter, a half…but Gase bit off his nose to spite his face by not playing him at all. How many times did he need to see Tony Lippett get beat and abused? Maxwell isn’t Richard Sherman but he would have done a better job than Lippett in covering AJ Green. Maybe not a good job, but he would have been better than Lippett. Gase sent his message and made his point, but he should have played Maxwell in that game when it was still a competitive game even if only on the scoreboard.

-Xavian Howard is going to be one of the better CB’s in the NFL within a year or two. He is that damn good! Top 5 CB in the NFL by 2018 if not sooner.

-The Kansas City Chiefs last year started 1-5 (including 4 losses to playoff teams like Minnesota, Denver, Green Bay, and Bengals) guess what happened when they got into the easier part of their schedule after a brutal first 6 weeks. They won games! They finished 11-5. Now I am NOT saying Miami will finish 11-5. I am NOT saying Miami will make the playoffs (they won’t.) KC had a better defense than Miami so Miami isn’t able to make a run like that.  But keep things in perspective people, Miami’s opening schedule was killer much like Kansas City’s was last year. The outcomes and situation Miami is sitting in today is not surprising.  If Miami turns things around and finishes 8-8 or 9-7, hate to break it to ya all but the wholesale change you want ain’t happening after the season if Miami turns this around and runs off some wins and finishes decent.

-Stop the running back rotation and give Ajayi a chance. Yes I know Ajayi pouted like a little baby and missed Week 1 and was told to stay home. But Kenyan Drake is a major work in progress and Isiah Pead just doesn’t look good. Damien Williams I like and he should play more but the bulk of the work needs to be Ajayi. Ajayi has been a lead back in an offense before and it shows. He has played the best since Foster went down. If Foster is going to be out for a while or be on a snap count when he returns, the other back who needs to get the rest of the work is Ajayi. This isn’t Tee Ball where everyone has to play. Drake is a special teamer at best this year and Pead can be released in reality.

-The NFL needs to get rid of the Thursday Night Color Rush gimmick. The novelty has worn off and its annoying. NFL games sell themselves stop with the silly gimmicks.

It’s a long season folks. I understand everyone is pissed and in a miserable mood but don’t let it cloud your judgement. In another 6 weeks we can re-evaluate again and maybe we decide Gase isn’t the man for the job and Tannehill really needs to be benched or be gone after the season. But the season just started and there is a lot left to see with this team in 2016. Everyone from coaches to players are playing for their jobs and their career, let’s see how they respond.