We’ve been here before, right? As Dolfans, we’ve seen how this movie ends – A 3-4 Dolphins team that has just peaked your interest, just gave you hope, loses a game they had the talent to win. Every time the Joe Philbin coached Dolphins were about to get his career record  back to .500, they would lose a winnable game. But somethings is changing.

It started last January, when Adam Gase was the “hot” coaching name. We know the media meme, he’d reject the dumpster fire know as the Miami Dolphins, but he didn’t. Then came Vance Joseph, the up coming defensive coordinator, he certainly had better choices, but he chose the Fins. Miami’s luck seemed to be a changing.

Sitting at 3-4 after the bye was about what a lot of realistic fans thought. When the schedule first came out, you went through the first 7 games. You saw that schedule and said to yourself, we could be 3-4. You probably didn’t see the Fins road there, going 1-4 and then putting up two dominant performances against good teams, but were in the same spot. So what’s different now?

All 5 O Line starters healthy and playing together is huge. Discovering Jay Ajayi has obviously been a plus. Cam Wake getting more reps has helped.  However,  the biggest factor right now that we haven’t seen in the past – GOOD COACHING! Well coached teams get better as the season goes on. It is even more prevalent in today’s NFL with the limited practice schedule. As fans, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a well coached Dolphins team. It’s been one of the main factors why we’ve constantly sat around .500 (or worse). It’s also a factor in why teams like the Steelers, Ravens, and of course the Patriots, always seem to be in the playoff hunt. They get better as the season goes on, win the games the need to down the stretch, and make that playoff run. 

So that’s where the Dolphins are today. A home game, coming off a bye, against a division rival, that the Dolphins should win. An opportunity for the franchise to show that it’s turning the corner. A game a well coached team should win.
Everybody enjoy the game!