Work a Miracle Vance

I hate to say it but I have a really bad feeling about this Sunday’s game vs Arizona. The Dolphins are in do or die mode needing to find a way to get to 10 wins and only having two home games left you would hope this is one of the games you think you would have a good shot in. This match-up though is not looking good for the Dolphins.

I have been covering this sport for many years and I am seeing a Dolphins defense crumble right before my own eyes. Two weeks ago vs San Francisco, who by the way is one of the worst offensive teams in the NFL, the 49ers had just under 500 total yards. Colin Kaepernick had just under 300 yards passing and 3 TD’s. What did Kaepernick do last week vs the Chicago Bears one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL? He was 1/5 for 4 yards passing. That isn’t a typo folks. The only decent game that Kaepernick and the 49ers offense had all year came two weeks ago vs our Dolphins.

That brings us to last week and the Ravens. Joe Flacco enters the game as the 29th rated Quarterback this season. Flacco throws for just under 400 yards and 4 touchdowns against our defense and the Ravens had just under 500 yards of total defense.

Are you seeing a trend here? I am!

The Dolphins defense is crumbling before our eyes and letting bad offensive teams go wild on us. This brings us to the Arizona Cardinals. Yes Arizona is having a rough year but they come to town with all world running back David Johnson. Hall of Fame bound wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Not to mention Michael Floyd, Jermaine Greshman and others. So, the Cardinals season may be over but their roster is filled with skill position stars who can and unfortunately I think will eat our defense alive.

For the Dolphins Kiko Alonoso has a broken thumb and may play. If he doesn’t play then this defense is toast and if he does play injured he may not be as effective with his right hand and thumb in a cast. Xavien Howard may come back this week…then again he may not leaving our cornerback position very thin vs an elite group of wide receivers. We saw last week Dennis Pitta who hadn’t scored since 2013 go wild running down the field and Jermaine Greshman is a far more athletic and better talent than Pitta. The only good news for the Dolphins is they are getting Jason Jones back from suspension.

The last 8 quarters the Dolphins have been really bad on defense and I’m not sure the next 4 quarters are going to be any better. To me this game is a match-up nightmare for the Dolphins. Yes the Dolphins have won 6 our of 7 but they used a lot of energy to get those 6 wins as many games came down to the wire and were last minute battles. I am not jumping off the bridge after last weeks beat down, but we have to be honest about things. The last 8 quarters the Dolphins defense has gotten beat up and abused by bad offenses. What the hell is a good offense going to do to us?

In my opinion the Dolphins have just one way to win this game this week. Run the ball all day long, keep the Cardinals offense on the sideline and off the field. This offensive line and Jay Ajayi need a performance like never before and we need a 100 yard game and total ball control. Because if this defense is on the field this week, I think only bad things will happen.

I really hope I am wrong about everything I have written above and Vance Joseph and the Dolphins defensive coaches find a way to turn things around. I’m just not sure if the Fins at this point in the season have the talent healthy and available to do so.