Merry Christmas Everybody! This is a crazy week for most people so I want to get the winners out to you early this week because hey, even bookies take some time off around the holidays so you want to get your bets in early. Ah who are we kidding, bookies never take time off. Went 2-1 last week with only a Ravens meltdown costing me a perfect week.

Let’s get to this weeks winners…


GREEN BAY -6.5 over Minnesota
The Vikings are done, stick a fork in them. The Packers on the other hand are peaking at the right time. Christmas Eve in the cold and snow of Green Bay, give me the Packers and lay the points.

NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over the New York Jets
I have no confidence in the Jets doing anything at all vs the Pats. The Pats win and they all but lock up home field advantage so they have something to play for. The Jets won’t stop the Pats and won’t move the ball vs the Pats. This game has 44-3 written all over it.

CLEVELAND +6 over San Diego
The Chargers lost another heart breaker last week and I think that was the straw that broke the camels back. And the Browns are due….I mean come on they are just due! They haven’t won a game all year, they are at home, and it’s Christmas Eve. The story writes itself. The Chargers coming off another blown late game lead now have to travel cross country play in the cold against a team they will have little to no motivation to get up against. Browns in a shocker here as the outright winner!

Washington -3 over CHICAGO
Redskins have their season on the line and they will play like it. I think the Skins just outscore Chicago and win easy.


College Football Year to Date Record: 23-18

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