The NEW Celebrity Apprentice began last night on NBC and former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is one of the contestants. Two things about Ricky stood out from last nights 2 hour season premier episode.

One, Ricky is one of the more normal people on the show, which I found shocking because let’s be honest, Ricky is a bit out there man. Two, Ricky is laying low and might go very far in this game.

The most newsworthy thing regarding Ricky that happened in Week 1 was when the teams were divided between Men vs Women (I mean such a stupid and archaic way to pick teams) then each team had to come up with a “team name” for your team for the season (very high school way this program is run.) Ricky came up with the best name for the “Men’s” team and all of the other men loved it and decided they would use it.

All in all Ricky was quiet and laid low for the most part which is clearly the way to get far in this game. He didn’t speak up much but came off as one of the most normal people on the show. Come back next week as I will review Week 2 and recap Ricky’s involvement in The NEW Celebrity Apprentice!

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