The end is near and this week 3 more “celebrities” were sent home. First task, the teams had to promote a product I have never heard of called Lorissa’s Kitchen. Really a boring contest in which Ricky’s team won. The most exciting thing to happen in this contest is when the two teams were having dueling promotions Ricky took the microphone and said…  “No preservatives, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, if I need growth hormones I go see our partner Chael Sonnen” (for you that don’t know Chael has failed multiple PED tests in the MMA world for growth hormones.) Ricky’s team won this contest and he is safe for another challenge. The losing team lost team member Vince Neil when he blamed himself for the loss (which wasn’t really his fault but he was looking to get fired and go home it was obvious.)

Second challenge was the teams promoting a Harry Potter thingy at Universal Studios. Ricky’s team won easy and Ricky just took pictures. The other team was a mess here, Chael Sonnen cut his own teams computer cords and had a bad reason why. So Arnold fired him for “cheating.” Then his team fired some lady on one of those Bravo Housewives shows named Porsha. Never heard of her.

So we are coming down to the home stretch here and I have Ricky in the Top 4 of people left who can win this thing. To me if Boy George doesn’t win I would be stunned. He has the ability to raise the most money, he is by far the most popular person on this show, and he is the most entertaining each week.

Here are my Top 4 rankings as we sit today…

1) Boy George
2) Carson Kressley
3) Ricky Williams
4) Matt Iseman