First task is the teams have to entertain an audience during a time-out of a Clippers-Suns game in Los Angeles. Ricky stepped up and was the project manager for his team and went head to head with Lisa Leslie who was the project manager of the other team. Ricky who is clearly picking up how this game is played and his first order of business was instructing his team to do research on the Clippers owner as he is one of the judges. It’s tough to get worked up over who wins and loses but Ricky’s team was clearly robbed here. Ricky’s team was better, more exciting, and the t-shirt they had to create as part of the task was better. When all was said and done though the Clippers owner selected Lisa Leslie’s team as the winner.

Ricky was then TERMINATED as he was now 0-2 as the project manager! Ricky was PISSED when he was fired and he stormed off without saying good-bye to anyone.

Well with Ricky out of this contest I’m done doing reviews. If you want to see who wins tune into NBC every Monday night.