– Per Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post the Miami Dolphins have asked the NFL to have their Week 1 game be at home and asked their Week 5 game (AFTER the London trip) not be a Bye week yet be a home game. The Dolphins are asking the league to get a Bye Week in the middle of the season and not have it be early and the week after the London game

-Stephen Ross was the only NFL owner to vote against the Raiders move to Las Vegas and Ross then went on about how the Raiders should have done more to try and stay in Oakland. Two things to remember here folks. 1) Ross paid over $500 million out of his own pocket to keep the Dolphins in Miami and do stadium renovations so he is probably feeling like if I can do it other owners should do the same. 2) Stephen Ross loves Super Bowls to be played in Miami and the city of Oakland was never going to host a Super Bowl so they weren’t competition for Ross in that aspect. The city of Las Vegas is going to be every owners dream as a venue to host a Super Bowl every couple years. Meaning Ross now has more competition in getting Super Bowls in Miami and that is bad for Stephen Ross. So, Ross’s “NO VOTE” isn’t as cut and dry as some may think. I for one don’t blame Stephen Ross one bit as this is a league where you have to look out for yourself and only yourself and his vote to me showed that today.

-One thing to keep an eye on, Ja’wuan James 5th year option is coming up in May where Miami must decide whether they pick that up or not. That decision doesn’t have to be made until after the NFL Draft. So, keep in mind if you see Miami draft an offensive linemen in Round 1(let’s say Forrest Lamp) that person may play year 1 at guard but if Miami let’s James walk they could kick someone (let’s say Lamp) out to Right Tackle and move on from James. Just something to keep in mind. Or if they take a tackle in Round 2 and play them at guard for a year with the long-term plan of moving them to right tackle after this season, like Miami did with Tunsil.

-According to the Miami Herald there is a 0% chance the Dolphins draft RB Joe Mixon out of Oklahoma. For those who don’t know there was a video released last year of Mixon brutally punching and assaulting a female in public. Miami probably wouldn’t use a high round draft pick on any running back so saying this about Mixon who is expected to go anywhere from late Round 1 to Round 3 at some point isn’t really news. What we don’t know is if Mixon played a position of need for Miami (let’s say linebacker or safety) would Miami have the same stance? Obviously we don’t know but just guessing I believe they would. I think Miami has been burned by many players who have had off the field problems (Brandon Marshall being the first to come to mind) that they wouldn’t take a guy who coming into the league has a known issue. I know many of you are saying well they took Laremy Tunsil last year and they did, but what Tunsil was caught doing is very minor as society’s perception of marijuana use in this country has changed dramatically in recent years. So, as we go to the draft it will be interesting to see if Miami touches any players who have off the field issues.

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