The long national nightmare is over as the Miami Dolphins finally released Dion Jordan. The #3 overall draft pick from the 2013 NFL draft will go down as one of the biggest draft busts of all time. Jordan had all of the physical tools a player would want but due to drugs, alcohol, and flat out laziness he squandered and wasted an NFL career.

I am sure there is a team and a general manager out there who will sign Dion Jordan to a contract with the thought they can turn him around and fix him. They will be in for a rude awakening.

On the same day the Dolphins cut one player with off the field baggage they signed another. The difference here is TJ McDonald has already shown to be a productive NFL player on the field where Dion Jordan never did. McDonald has proven to be a very good NFL Safety and someone who can be counted on in big moments in games. Yes, McDonald made some mistakes and he will pay the price with an 8 game suspension to open the season but the Dolphins are taking a flyer that unlike Jordan that McDonald has learned his lesson and will get back on the correct path.

Miami signed McDonald to a 1 year veteran minimum contract which is a no-risk/high-reward deal. A “show-me” deal as they call them in the NFL. Where we will give you a shot to prove to us you can and will turn things around then after 1 year we will give you a fair market value contract for what you are worth.

The signing of Nate Allen and now of TJ McDonald to me is a sign Miami will not draft a safety in the early rounds of the upcoming draft. Miami will have Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Michael Thomas, TJ McDonald, and Walt Aikens on their roster at this time and there is a good chance they will bring Bacarri Rambo into training camp as well.

With the signing of McDonald, even with him missing half the season, it seems Miami has kicked the can down the road on the safety position for another year which is wise. With pressing needs at DE, LB, CB, and Guard the Dolphins can now focus their attention in the draft on those positions.

One last thing regarding the draft, even though Miami is out of the market for a safety most likely in round 1, do not be shocked if they still draft someone like Jabril Peppers. Peppers can play linebacker as well and if Miami views him as more of a linebacker/combo player than a true safety then someone like Peppers could still be in play. I think it’s unlikely Miami would go there but it wouldn’t shock me is all I am saying. 

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