A few weeks ago, I was encouraged to watch Game of Thrones.
I am now on season 4 and have realized that Adam Gase is Tyrion Lannister.
Here’s 3 Reasons why.

forget what you are, the rest of the world will not”
Just like Tyrion, Gase
is the most brutally honest character you will ever meet. Gase will tell you
how it is and how it will be going forward even when it may not be the most
popular course of action. Leaving Ajayi home, Making the necessary cuts, and demanding
more from DeVante Parker were all tough but necessary decisions.

“Do you
wish to confess your crimes”
His honesty also applies to his ability to
self-assess. Many people will continue to drive at least 5 more minutes after
realizing they are lost instead of making the dreaded U-Turn. I can’t say the
same for Tyrion nor Gase. Minimizing Wakes playing time last year was a
decision made with good intentions but this decision was quickly overturned for
the betterment of the team.

“To unravel the mysteries that lay at the
heart of a moron”
The yearn to solve problems is by far the biggest common
interest between Adam Gase and Tyrion Lannister and they are both very good at
it. Deeply consumed by the enigma we call football, Gase welcomes obstacles
that have yet to burden his path. From roster decision that’s compensating for
a injury riddled team, to putting up video boards in the midst of practice,
Gase is always determined to have answers.
Feel free to leave your comment and let me know which Game of Thrones character you feel best depicts Head Coach Adam Gase.

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