At this time
last year, Dolphins fans had a ton of questions (and rightfully so.) A few of
these questions included:  Is Adam Gase any
different than the men that preceded him for the past 15 years or so? Is it
possible for Jay Ajayi be a featured, every down back? Is Ndamukong Suh worth
the contract that he signed? Could Mike Pouncey play an entire year and not
get hurt?

Well, the
good news is the team answered a lot of those questions. Yes, Adam Gase is
different. Jay Ajayi has everything it takes to be a true bell cow running
back. Suh is most definitely worth the contract he was given. As it pertains to
Pouncey, it at least looks positive going into this upcoming season.
As we are on the brink of this new season yes there are many obstacles to overcome. When
you lose the following: Franchise QB for the year, one of your starting guards
for an extended period of time, starting middle linebacker for the year, and a vital
piece in your secondary… your entire roster is put behind the 8-ball.
However this team still has a ton of talent in the right places to be successful. Such as…
For all of the naysayers about Jay Cutler, I think we are actually going to
have a better year offensively with him, rather than Tannehill. Cutler seems to
excelwhen he is surrounded by the ones who he trusts the most (shocking, I
know.) Adam Gase is someone who he trusts, and is comfortable with, and I think
Cutler will have his best statistical season, ever. When it comes to the wide
receiver position there are not many teams that would take their top 3 guys
over our top 3 (Landry, Stills, Parker.) The ceiling for this trio is extremely
high and as I am sure I am no different than any other Dolphins fan in that I believe all
3 will have huge years. Also, we have upgraded our Tight End situation with the
additions of Julius Thomas, and Anthony Fasano as well.
One of our weakest spots last year was the defensive line. With the additions
of Charles Harris and William Hayes I believe that weakness has been well
addressed. I love the addition of Lawrence Timmons, as he will bring a true
veteran mentality week in and week out to the linebacker corp. In the secondary, the additions of Nate
Allen, T.J. McDonald, and Alterraun Verner will help Matt Burke in his first
season as defensive coordinator.
Lastly, we
cannot forget about Adam Gase going into his second season as a head coach. He
is the first head coach that we have had, in quite a long time that I trust
with nearly every decision that he makes.

I look forward
to the game tonight, and I look forward to what the rest of the season has in
store. Buckle up Dolphins fans… it is going to be one heck of a ride. GO FINS!

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