This is it, the year of back to back playoffs and the season Miami finally gets respect. You love the coach, the roster is great, the offensive line issues are finally starting to be a thing of the past, and BOOM! The $96 million dollar franchise quarterback goes down for the year with an ACL tear in practice.

This is the same knee he injured last season and the same knee that cost him four games last year and his first playoff appearance. So what now you say? As a Miami fan, you’ve been through this lack of talent from the quarterback position before. Sure, the Dolphins can put their season on the arm of Matt Moore but his playoff performance last season has the fans looking at him with a side eye. Any other backup after him is basically season suicide.

It seems to Dolphins fans that disaster has struck them once again. The perfect storm has stopped us from competing with the Super Bowl champs (again!) Then again, they say where there is darkness there is light! That light has come in the form of a gunslinger that goes by the name Jay Cutler.

Mr. Cutler played 11 seasons in the NFL, three with the Denver Broncos and eight with the Chicago Bears. In his career he has thrown for 32,467 yards 208 touchdowns and 146 interceptions. Cutler has now decided to come out of retirement and join the Miami Dolphins and try and re-write the ending of his career. Not only is he joining the Dolphins he’s also back with his coach that helped him play what most might call his best season, according to numbers.

Is this the Miami Miracle? Is Jay Cutler their savior? This seems like the perfect marriage , so I’m drinking my glass of Lemonade at 4:44pm as I type this. He has the coach, the offensive weapons in his huddle, and his ability. This is the comeback kid: Mr. Comeback Cutler! A chance to be Miami’s first Pro Bowl quarterback since the infamous Chad Pennington. A gunslinger that can make ever single throw on the field, mix that with a hint of Ajayi, a dash of reliable & fast receivers, and what do we have overall people? Success!? A playoff birth?!  Former Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall once said “Cutler can win the MVP” I’m agreeing with that statement. Jay Cutler: The 10 million Dollar Savior. 

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