The day was
August 25th. It seemed like any other Friday, however, it was not.
The city was shutting down, and we were bracing for what they were calling the
storm of the century. As I sat on my couch, drinking a vodka martini, I just
laughed it off. Fast forward 72 hours, and my hometown was getting destroyed by
one of the strongest storms this world has ever seen. You may be asking, “What
in the world does this have to do with the Fins, or football? “

Well, I had
purchased tickets for my dad and I to come to the game this weekend, from
Houston, and that is no longer an option for us, as we really do not want to
endure 2 hurricanes in the span of 2 weeks. Going through, what we just went through
was one of the scariest things I have ever had to endure. No businesses were
open, for what seemed like forever. You could not get in your car, and drive
anywhere for at least 4 days (the water was that high.) As I think back on what
took place last week, I can honestly say that I have never been more thankful
for what I have in my life. I used to take those things for granted, but I can
assure you, I will never do that again.
As a
majority of the readers on this site are living in the great state of Florida,
my best advice to you… is to prepare as much as you can, and stay as positive
as you can. I know that sounds cliche, but it is true. I was thankful that I
went out and purchased ample food, and water, in case my residence became as
compromised as much of the city did. Please listen to the news, and be as safe (and
cautious) as possible.

My take on
the game (assuming it actually takes place) this weekend is that the Fins will
win, 35 to 28. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… I know the Fins have questions…. QB, OL, LB,
Safety… but you have seen it many times before. A city goes through a catastrophic
event, and the sports team rallies, and lifts them up with a win at the perfect
time. This weekend, is one of those times.

In closing,
stay strong Florida, and we in Houston, are sending much needed prayers and
love to you guys. GO FINS.

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