Once again the Miami Dolphins will travel to London and although the NFL won’t admit as such it will feel like an exhibition game to the many watching.

Yes, there will be 82,000 fans inside Wembley stadium but to Miami’s detriment there will be no home field advantage. As I’ve witnessed on all other occasions at the Wembley games the stadium will be full of fans wearing the colors of 32 NFL teams.

This isn’t about Miami not playing at Hard Rock Stadium until Oct 8, this is about Miami losing another home game. Now, I’m from London and yes I will go to the game and I will be at the airport to see the team arrive Friday, all great for me, but not for our team.

I would rather be watching the game on NFL GamePass in my living room knowing that there are 70,000 plus die-hard Miami Dolphins fans cheering their team in the hot weather of South Florida rather than just a few die-hard fans in wintry London rooting the Fins on.

I know the NFL would love a full time franchise in London but that’s a different story for another day. For now all can say is sorry to South Florida and I will try to make my voice heard this Sunday.

Enough about that for now and onto the game itself; I see nothing but a high scoring game. Yes, I know you don’t have to be Einstein to predict that. As you have a Saints defense that over the years gives up points faster than Usain Bolt can run 100m going against the Miami offense, which if it can awake from the coma it’s in could be a point machine. On the other side you have Drew Brees throwing against a secondary that would be more at home playing for NASA (they love space so much.)

But there is something else to consider, since the first game of this London experiment when Miami lost to the Giants in a drab 13-10 scoreline, the other 20 games have averaged over 50 points and only once has a game failed to combine for 40 points. The NFL has a product to sell and it wants high scoring games and the neutral crowd to enjoy themselves so they keep coming back. Thus far that’s working and should continue to work this week.

Last week in London the Jacksonville Jaguars when leading 37-0 in the 4th quarter called a fake punt. Really, a fake punt, would you do that in any normal circumstance other than my original point, an Exhibition Game.


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