It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Jarvis Landry, but it’s time to.
Don’t get me wrong, Jarvis Landry makes the Dolphins watchable when complemented by an efficient and dominant offensive effort.
What makes Landry so attractive to fans is his ability to block, catch in traffic, and make moves like a human joystick on the football field.
“Juice” as he is called by his peers certainly brings a wow factor to each and every game.
For one, Jarvis Landry leads the Dolphins in receptions-50 (338 in four seasons), but has only three touchdowns to show for his effort to lead the team.
Landry although hasn’t had the fortune of being the red zone threat he once was, is seldom the option on deep passes, that title goes to Kenny Stills or even DeVante Parker, when he’s healthy.
From what we’ve seen about Landry is he has to get the ball in his hands early to stay focused and engaged in Adam Gase’s offense.
However, various reports out of Miami have been surfacing about Landry and his willingness to pull off of blocks, not execute plays, and finally there’s the video that recently surfaced with Miami reporters that showed Landry as ticked off as ever with the state of the team at 4-3 after losing 40-0 to the Baltimore Ravens (@MySportsUpdate).

While Landry spouted offseason predictions that the Dolphins would sweep the Patriots (6-2) and win the division, Landry was caught up in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend over a custody battle for his daughter.
Charges were never pressed and the case is now closed per the State of Florida due to a lack of evidence or perhaps a lack of cooperation by Landry’s ex-girlfriend who called it more of a “misunderstanding.”
What’s more, the NFL weighed in and decided not to pursue any punishment for violating the code of conduct.
Internally, grumblings are getting leaked by someone who serves as the mouthpiece of Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.
In addition, this thought that Landry could be traded is being mentioned by Miami Dolphins beat writer Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

So here’s what we know, Landry is still a Miami Dolphins player until he isn’t.
While Landry has had more success with Ryan Tannehill, it can be argued that the offensive system by Adam Gase is built around him and the Dolphins running game.
Landry is a catalyst to the Dolphins energy as their “Juice” as Adam Gase calls it and he can be a leader and take over a football game with spectacular catches and getting the tough yards.
However, the question remains-is Landry worth the money this offseason?
Maybe that’s what the Dolphins are trying to gauge by leaking his certainly replaceable status, because according to Adam Gase’s comments two weeks ago-the “offense is garbage.”