This past weekend myself and fellow writer/podcaster Tom Ernisse traveled to South Florida to take part in WEB WEEKEND 2017. For those of you who do not know what Web Weekend is, the Miami Dolphins each year invite the owners/writers of the various Miami Dolphins fan-sites down to the teams Training Facility in Davie, FL to give them a behind the scenes look at the Miami Dolphins organization over the course of three days. We walk through the training facility and see all of the areas, get a tour of the practice bubble, get a tour from top to bottom of Hard Rock Stadium, and of course go to the game on Sunday with on field access in the pre-game warm-up’s.

The highlight of this three day event is Saturday night when the Miami Dolphins host the annual Webbie Awards. There are nine categories which awards are given out in; some of which are Best Main Site Design and Layout, Best Fan Features and Columns, Most Informative Site, Best Social Media Presence, Best Overall Site, Best Podcast, Best News Content, Most Community Oriented Site, and so on and so forth. This was the first year of the Best Podcast category and I am proud to announce that we here at won that award for Best Miami Dolphins Podcast!

We here at have two podcasts. Our Podcast hosted by Tom Ernisse and Randy Savage. This is the podcast where we do the full post-game recaps after each and every Miami Dolphins game and we conduct our many interviews with current and former players such as Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, Sam Madison, Ronnie Brown, Richmond Webb, Marco Coleman, Todd Wade, Sean Wooden, Tim Robbie, Randy McMichael, The BigO Orlando Alzugary of WQAM, David Hyde of the Sun Sentinel just to name a few.

There is also my daily Miami Dolphins Podcast called Daily where I go over the news of the day surrounding the Miami Dolphins and I give my opinion and thoughts on the news and happenings around the team for that day.

These two shows have grown in popularity and myself, Tom, and Randy would like to thank all of you who have tuned in and listened to these shows. We truly appreciate you giving us a listen and letting us into your homes with our podcasts. We also can say with certainty that we will continue to grow our podcasts going forward and we have many new guests in the coming weeks and months lined up for interviews. So stay tuned!

Web Weekend 2017 was a great event put on by the Miami Dolphins and we here at would like to thank everyone associated with the Miami Dolphins who helped put on the event and took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us and talk with us. We were able to speak with and hear stories from players like Kiko Alonso, Ja’Waun James, as well as
Mike Tannenbaum, Twan Russell, and Dwight Stephenson. We also got to hear from the people behind the Miami Dolphins Caner Challenge, RISE, and the Dolphins social media team who spoke about how they produce content for the website and social media. All of the speakers were outstanding and I myself learned so much about these great causes and the great work the Miami Dolphins do off the field to help the South Florida community.

The other great part of this weekend is being able to hang out with the people from the other outstanding Miami Dolphins fan-sites that are out there. Myself and Tom made many new friends and had a lot of laughs and great conversations with the people who run other various Miami Dolphins fan-sites. The people from DolfansNYC who put on the MetLife Takeover were so much fun to hang out with. And the fact they raise so much money throughout the year to donate to Kiko Alonso’s Charity and the Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge is just so great. We tip our caps to them for all of the good work they do in the community to raise money for theses great causes!

We met so many great people from so many other sites there are just too many to mention. But this years event was outstanding from beginning to end and we are looking forward to next years Web Weekend.

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