When a football coach takes over a struggling franchise and orchestrates an improbable playoff run, you would think he would buy himself some time with the fan base, right? No I’m not referring to Adam Gase, but rather Tony Sparano. Sparano, if you recall took over for an unpopular coach (Cam Cameron), had a huge turnaround going from 1-15 to 11-5, won the AFC East and went to the playoffs. 2 1/2 seasons later he was fired. Before you say that this time is different, think about how quickly things change especially when it comes to NFL coaches.

Adam Gase built a lot of capital with the players and the fan base last year. He was single-handedly credited for getting our supposed franchise quarterback moving in the right direction and leading the team to the playoffs after a 7 year drought. Yet those accomplishments are in the rear view mirror, and the fan base is starting to get frustrated. We see, what everyone else in the the NFL see’s – A struggling quarterback and a horrible offense. A struggling quarterback handpicked by Adam Gase and a struggling offense run by Adam Gase. General Manager Gase and Offensive Coordinator Gase have put Head Football Coach Adam Gase on a slippery slope. Last year’s Head Coach was willing to cut players who weren’t performing, this year’s Head Coach is pointing the finger at all the players, but the one’s he picked. Gase tells us that it’s not Jay Cutler, but rather,  it’s the protection, it’s the routes the players run, it’s the drops. While some of that may be true, it get’s old fast. The players are still saying the right things, but a couple more dreadful performances by the offense may change that.

It’s still early and there is plenty of time to turn things around, but Adam Gase needs to act fast, because it’s easy slip off the mountain you have built, just ask Tony Sparano.

Everyone enjoy the game!


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