Well, that win this past Sunday certainly helped get the work
week off to a good start. Per my last article, I outlined 4 things that I
believed would help secure the Fish a win: Running Game, Wide Receivers, Kiko
Alonso/Lawrence Timmons, and Adam Gase. Safe to say I went 4 for 4; Jay Ajayi was a monster, Landry and
Stills combined for 12 Catches, 111 yards and 2 scores, Timmons was our
leading tackler, and Gase had the guts to stay with his quarterback. I believe it is
safe to say that all of these guys were huge contributors to the gigantic comeback win
we notched over a really good Atlanta Falcons team.

 The next question has to bel What does this
win lead to? Is this the turning point for the season? I think it is too early
to tell but it may be. There is no doubt that this was a really good win but this team still
has a ton of questions and concerns: Where are Mike Pouncey and DeVante Parker
health wise? Can Jay Cutler put together back to back solid performances? Is
this defense a real top 10 defensive unit in the league? My belief is that we
will find out answers to a lot of these questions this weekend when we take on the New York Jets.

People all over the media are stating what a “fluke” win this was
for the Fish and my only response to them is, “Who cares?” The
fact remains that we went into the home stadium of a team that went to the Super
Bowl last year and was considered a real threat to go back this year and came out with a win. This is
a type of win that can propel a team to a hot streak that can lead them to the
playoffs and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for the Miami Dolphins

This week we have the Jets. We owe them a
good ole’ fashioned butt whoopin’ for the beating they gave us back on Week 3. Later in the week, I will publish my Game
Preview, but lets put it this way… I think we win by at least three touchdowns.