There is plenty of blame to go around with what’s wrong with the Miami Dolphins on offense. Quarterback has been discussed too much at length. We all know the offensive line needs more talent and we don’t have a consistent running game. The one area that needs to be looked at this off season is wide receiver.

The group we currently have was great last year at making big play after big play and for what ever the reason this group isn’t clicking. It probably does have some to do with the quarterback situation, but the bottom line is this group isn’t producing. They aren’t creating separation and getting jammed at the line of scrimmage. They aren’t getting the yards after the catch. They aren’t winning their one on one battles.

Jarvis Landry has been the most consistent receiver. He is on pace for over 100 catches and 1,000 yards receiving . Landry has been the most consistent receiver the Dolphins have had over the past 4 years and the problem is his contract is up after the season and the Dolphins have to decide whether to resign him to a long term deal or place the franchise tag on him meaning he will be back for one more year at least or the Dolphins could try to trade him and get the best value in return for him. Landry is a slot receiver and the receivers in the slot don’t get paid top dollar so it will be a tough decision to make.

Kenny Stills has been the biggest play maker. Stills’ numbers are down from last year and it seems to be a direct result of the quarterback situation, but he seems to have great chemistry with Matt Moore as evidenced with his 2 TDs against the New York Jets earlier this year and his his big 61 yard touchdown catch against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Stills just signed his long term deal this past off season and he isn’t going anywhere and the hope is things will get better when Ryan Tannehill comes back next year.

The biggest frustration has been the inconsistent plat of DeVante Parker, who was drafted 3 years ago in the 1st round and a big physical receiver who could become a number 1 threat on the offense. However 3 seasons and he has shown flashes that he could be a great receiver, but injuries and inconsistent play has hurt him and made us wonder if he will ever become the number 1 receiver he is suppose to be. Yesterday with the Dolphins trailing the New England Patriots 21-10 before the half, the Dolphins had a chance to cut the deficit. Moore threw a fade pass to Parker one one one, but the pass was intercepted and while the pass was under thrown slightly Parker never made a play to try to prevent the interception. For a couple weeks now, Parker has come under fire for having the ball go through his hands and not trying to catch a pass and was instead intercepted. Parker has a ton of talent, but its fair question to ask if its time for the Dolphins to look to trade him and maybe get the best value or have him finish his rookie contract next year. I don’t like giving up on young players in the first round, but after 3 seasons if the light isn’t turning on is it ever?

The fourth and fifth receivers have been just as frustrating. Leonte Carroo, the Dolphins traded up for in the 2016 draft, has been a bust. He hasn’t gotten on the field and when he does has very little impact. I get the Dolphins traded 3rd & 4th round picks to get him, but its been an obvious mistake and the Dolphins need to move on. The same can be said for Jakeem Grant the undersized punt returner, who hasn’t produced at all. He hasn’t had any impact in the return game and isn’t doing anything on the field. The Dolphins need to move on from both players they are just dead weight on the roster.

This is one of many positions the Dolphins have to take a long hard look at. Landry is definitely worthy of a new contract, but do the Dolphins want to spend even more money on a slot receiver and have another bloated contract on their salary cap. As for Parker, it comes down to will he ever turn into the player the team hoped. If I were the Dolphins I would look into every avenue even if it means trading one of these players as a chip to try to help the roster in other areas. Wide Receivers aren’t hard to find teams find them year after year and the draft continues to produce great play makers.