Miami’s key to victory for tonight’s game is to contain Cam
Newton. Of course, there are other factors that need to go well for Miami but
this single factor is one that if they execute, will keep them in the game and
competing for four quarters.

The Panthers offense so far this season hasn’t looked that
much better than Miami’s but as of late they’ve gotten better. The reason for
that is Carolina’s coaches have allowed Cam Newton to take off and run with the
ball more.
If you remember early on in his career that was his biggest
threat when going up against opposing defenses. Cam Newton is an average
quarterback when throwing the ball and if you don’t believe me check his stats
this season. He’s currently thrown for 10 touchdowns but also has 11 interceptions.
He’s not very accurate when he’s forced to sit there and throw the ball. 
Tankersley and Howard shouldn’t have much of a problem
covering the Panthers receivers throughout the game. The only reason I think
that they’d have trouble comes down to the d-line not being able to contain
Newton. If Newton is able to do what he wants as far as taking off with the
ball then that is something that’s going to hurt the entire defense.
Miami has always had trouble dealing with quarterbacks who
can take off with the football. If you remember from last season, Miami went up
against a bad 49er team but the main reason why San Francisco was able to stay
in the game up until the very end was because Miami had trouble containing
As I stated earlier though there are many other factors that
Miami needs to execute on but I feel that containing Cam Newton is the biggest
one that will give this Dolphins team a chance to win.

We’ll see if Adam Gase and Co. has a plan to
stop Newton from taking off.