Well, this is not the season we expected. At the end of last season, we thought that the Dolphins finally had found an identity on offense, give the ball 25 times to your bell cow and let him carry the entire team.

Now, the team has played ten games and the offense took a step back and the defense is starting to break down. The team clearly doesn’t have an identity. You can say that is because they traded their identity for a pack of peanuts, but can we assure that the team really had an identity to begin with?

Let’s remember that Adam Gase chased CJ Anderson in 2016 and when the Broncos matched the offer sheet Gase moved to sign Arian Foster even having Jay Ayaji on the roster already. The coach had an idea of what kind of offense he wanted to run but the lack of player to do it was an obstacle for the rookie coach back then.

When Foster went down with a new injury the Dolphins decide to be a running team, using the outside zone almost exclusively and the team started to win.

Please think well about this, the team was predictable because the overuse of the outside blocking for a player that was considered to have bad knees and his career is on a countdown. I don’t know about you but I think that doesn’t qualify as an identity yet more it was a temporary solution. And the Dolphins made the mistake to think they have finally found their distinctive mark, their signature move the same way many of us take something temporary as a permanent solution in our lives. The Dolphins lost perspective on what is really important and what we have to work on in order to find long-term solutions, we let ourselves be fooled by what has been achieved in the short term.

The Miami Dolphins are right now fighting to find an identity but I’m not sure they really know what they want to be or if they have the right tools (front office, coaching staff and players) to find it this season or next season.

This season is over for this team, but not just because they have an uphill calender or because they shoot themselves in the foot with a ridiculous amount of penalties, it’s over because they don’t know who they are,