I know
what most of you have to be thinking; how can trading Jay Ajayi be the right
move. Please let me explain my four reasons why I believe the Dolphins made the
right move here.
Jay Ajayi’s Knees: Per
the Jeff Darlington tweet from Tuesday, the Dolphins Organization does not believe that Jay
has much left in his knees. Is this a true statement; maybe. However, it is
something for Dolphins fans to keep an eye on. Having watched every game so far
this year, I can assure you that he has not been the same running back this
year, as he was last year. Yes, you can blame that on the offensive line, but
you have to at least lay some of the blame at the feet of Ajayi.
2.    Adam Gase’s Culture: Per the Craig
Mish Tweet on Tuesday, Ajayi had become “extremely combative with the coaching staff.” Adam has only been here for a year and a half and his players must know that
this is a huge no-no for him. One thing that Gase preaches is that when his
players show up for practice/ games you better do what you are told and you
better work your tail off for your brothers and your coaches at all times.
Clearly, Jay thought he was above these standards and he is not.
3.    Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams: Since both of these backs became members of the team the fans have only gotten
glimpses of what these guys are made of. I look forward to what our backfield
looks like with these two. Perhaps we could have our very own “Slash and Dash
4.    The 2018 RB Draft Class: By
trading Ajayi, besides for the reasons listed above, it could have everything to
do with the 2018 Running Back Class. There are 3 superstars at the top of the
draft board: Saquon Barkley (Penn State), Derrius Guice (L.S.U.), and Nick
Chubb (Georgia.) However, there are going to be a few other guys who could be a
real difference maker at the next level. Guys like: Damien Harries (Alabama),
Bryce Love (Stanford), and Royce Freeman (Oregon).
I know it
has been a crazy past 24 hours but I believe in this regime. If they believe that this
was the right move then I will be in agreement with it as well.