It has been a long season for the Dolphins and we’re only going into week 14. The only other team that has had almost as much news making drama and turmoil numerous times like the Miami Dolphins are the New York Giants. Truth be told, I rather lose our coach than to literally have our starting quarterback out for the season. Eli can play, but they chose to sat him. Our hands are tied behind our backs with Ryan Tannehill’s injury. And to think that not having our quarterback able to play has only been one out of many issues we’ve faced this season. What can truly be a debilitating situation as such for many teams was only the start of our out of control, spiraling downward start to the season.

Going into this season, the power ranking had us as the 13th best team in the league. Other franchises like New England, Pittsburgh, and even Dallas wouldn’t be too thrilled with a ranking like that. Top 10 or nothing for them. But for fans in Miami,13th gave us hope. It made us believe that maybe just maybe Coach Gase and the Dolphins were going to surprise the league this year. Besides our beloved Dan Marino wore the #13. These days with the uncertainty of which player will be on the team or not, it seems as if when one wants to buy a jersey – buying a Dan Marino #13 is the most logical bet. We’re not losing #13 like we did with #23 Jay Ajayi. But rewinding back before that dreadful trade. The number 13 is supposed to be our lucky number in Miami, so what exactly is going on this year?

With loosing Tannehill before the season even started, to assistant coach Chris Foerster’s drug being exposed, then having Jay Ajayi – one of our best players get traded midseason to a now possible Super Bowl bound team without much reasoning as to why it really happened besides he was “cancerous” in the locker room. Then let’s not forget all of the primetime games we’ve had this year. Or maybe we should forget because losing 0-40 on primetime television Thursday Night Football is not exactly how I want the world to portray the Dolphins.

I can’t help but think of all of the players that the Dolphins have acquired in the last few years with hopes of bettering the team and then they just seemed to fall off the face of the planet – or at least make a quick appearance in orange and aqua and then leave. Cortland Finnegan, Dustin Keller, Mike Wallace. I wouldn’t want to speculate anything but is Lawrence Timmons next? Now are these guys necessarily future Hall of Famers? No. But it seems as if once these players get to Miami, they don’t deliver the same way that was anticipated. And then our beloved 2013 first round draft pick – Dion Jordan. Didn’t do much for us in Miami, but having a great season in Seattle. It kind of makes you not want to get too excited about players signing with Miami; rather we need to sit back and have them produce. Don’t tell me who we signed. Let me see him on the field for more than a year and then let’s talk. Because clearly the grass isn’t always greener when they get to Miami.

So where do we go from here? Obviously we’re not the #13 best team in the league at this point. Yes we beat Denver this week and honestly, we looked decent. I left that game feeling good. Even us scoring an early safety and putting up 2 points on the board was an awesome start to that game. We had fire and wanted to win. Beating New England on Monday would be ideal. Gronk is out, but let’s not forget that the Pats can still very well win with or without Gronk. We don’t need to fire Coach Gase. Give the guy a chance. Just a few months ago, we were all strong to our words saying “In Gase We Trust”. Give him another season or two and let’s see where that goes. The problem isn’t Adam Gase. It’s higher up. We need better leadership. Leadership higher up from the bigwigs and also a quarterback who is a leader. Jay Cutler is not.13 should have been our lucky number, our starting point for the season. Could we finish the season being the 13th best team in the league? Doubtful. But we move on from it. Give us 13th again and we will make something out of it. This year, it was well…. Maybe bad luck for us. – Ash, Savage Girl Sports // @savagegirlsport