Once the Dolphins made the deal to send Jay Ajayi to
Philadelphia for a fourth round pick the majority of people had it in their mind
that the offense would get worse because of the deal. I was part of that majority.

Now that we’ve had a few weeks since it happened though,
that has not been the case. The offense hasn’t gotten worse and you could make
the argument that it has gotten better. This isn’t an article talking about how
the Dolphins made the right move either, this is an article talking about how
Kenyan Drake has made the most of his opportunity since Ajayi was traded away.
Drake is coming off a 120-yard one touchdown performance against
Denver and other than an issue with fumbling the ball Kenyan Drake has played
well since the trade. This is the first time we’ve seen Drake in a lead-back
role and he’s played about as well as you can hope.
Last season we only saw glimpses of what Drake could do and I’m
glad we now get a bigger sample size. Drake in those few glimpses we got last
year showed that he had the potential to become a playmaker out of the
Now with this bigger role he has become that playmaker we all
saw last year. Now his rushing yard numbers haven’t been to high since Ajayi left
but that could be due to the fact that this Denver game was the first time he
got a high amount of carries.
In his five games since the trade Drake has ran for 295 yards
and scored a total of three touchdowns. With his big game against Denver and
Damien Williams being out, Drake should have done enough to show that he should
be the lead-back going forward.
The more touches he gets the better he’ll get and he’s shown
us that. He has the tools to become a good running-back. He’s patient, he runs
hard, he’s fast, and he is able to make cuts well. His only problem is with fumbles
and that’s something coaching can fix.

Hopefully Gase see’s Drake’s potential and gives him most of
carries going forward. Drake is going to be an interesting player to watch
going forward if he is given the opportunity he deserves.