Keys To Victory

  • Keep Tyreek Hill Contained
  • Kiko must have good game against Kelce
  • Jay Cutler MUST be careful with the football

The Miami Dolphins once again find themselves in a must win situation in Kansas City against a very tough Chiefs team. Alot of things must happen today for the Dolphins to secure a victory. One of the man reasons is to keep Tyreek Hill from making deep plays against our not so great secondary. Last week Charles Clay had a pretty good game against us as Kiko Alonso was not at the top of his game but that can’t happen today against a VERY good Tight End in Travis Kelce if our defense can’t keep him contained it’s pretty much game over and goodbye playoffs.

The Miami Dolphins are trying to get back to the playoffs for the second year in a row while last year they needed the Chiefs to win to clinch a spot in the playoffs but now we need them to lose to even have just some slim hope at making the playoffs this season at 8-8. On the other side the Chiefs need this win just as much as we do as if they win and the Chargers lose then the Chiefs officially clinch the AFC West. The Dolphins very much need this win but another key to victory is Jay Cutler can’t go throwing the ball all over the field and throwing 3 INT’s while he’s at it because the Dolphins still had a chance to win in Buffalo after they recovered the onside kick but on the very first play of the drive Cutler threw an INT causing the Bills to seal their victory over the Dolphins.

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