The Dolphins are currently 6-7 and if they find a way to win
out they’ll end up 9-7 with a great chance of getting into the playoffs. One
loss and this whole playoff dream is over. It’s going to be difficult to pull
out three more wins.

Miami has to go into Buffalo this week, into Kansas City the
week after and then they’ll finish up the season against Buffalo at home. Obviously,
they’re going to need to take the one game at a time approach so let’s do that
here. Below I’m going to talk about what Miami needs to do, to pull out a win
in Buffalo tomorrow.
First off, it’s looking like Tyrod Taylor is going to be the
starter, so this defense needs to contain him and keep him in the pocket. Taylor
is at his best when he’s able to move around and have an opportunity outside
the pocket to takeoff with the ball or extend the play until someone gets open.
Miami’s secondary is talented enough to the point where these Buffalo receivers
shouldn’t cause any problems and if you keep Taylor in the pocket he’s either going
to have to take the sack or make a bad throw that this secondary can capitalize
Miami should also stack the box in this game. It’s common
knowledge that Lesean McCoy is the best player on that team so stack the box to
limit him. If you limit McCoy, then that’s going to force Taylor to come out
and win the game with his arm and that’s not a solid recipe for success for Buffalo.
Taylor isn’t the type of quarterback who can win the game on his own he needs a
guy like McCoy to play well so there’s a good balance for the offense.
On the offensive side of the ball get Kenyan Drake going
early. In Miami’s game last week against New England Adam Gase showed right off
the bat that Drake was going to be a big part of their offense that game. He
needs to do the same thing here. Buffalo has one of the worst rush defenses in
the league as they give up 123 yards per game. The way Miami ran their offense against
New England on Monday is exactly how they need to run it on Sunday.
If Miami is able to do these three things, then their
chances of winning in Buffalo are good. It’s going to be interesting to see if
they can bring out the same intensity they had against New England because they’re
going to need it.

This team can’t afford to take one loss the rest of the way
if they are serious about playoffs.