DeVante Parker is currently in his third year with the Miami
Dolphins and he has shown flashes of what he could become over those three
years. But that’s the thing right there, all we’ve seen from him are flashes of
what kind of receiver he could be.

It feels as if coaches and fans have had the “this is the
year he breaks out” attitude with Parker and the frustrating thing with that is
that it hasn’t happened and I’m not sure it ever will with him on this team. He’s
had his fair share of injuries and that is actually a problem. The guy can’t
stay healthy and even when he is, there still isn’t much shown from him.
Over the course of the three years he has played for Miami,
he has put up 128 receptions, 1,781 yards and 8 touchdowns. Those numbers aren’t
good enough coming from a player Miami drafted with the 14th pick in
the first round in 2015.
There’s been excuse after excuse made for DeVante Parker as
to why he hasn’t put it all together and my question is when is that going to
stop? Parker has talent but I don’t think he’s going to be able to put it all together
in Miami.
Next year will be the last year of his rookie contract and
with the Dolphins looking to extend Landry, I wouldn’t bring parker back after
next year ends unless he has some crazy season statistical wise.
When Tannehill went
down in training camp and Miami signed Jay Cutler, the feeling was that Parker
would thrive since Cutler likes to throw the ball downfield. The complete
opposite of that has happened. Most of Parker’s stats this season I feel have
come in garbage time and even if he starts off hot in the first half he’ll
disappear in the second.
It’s time to stop waiting and making excuses for DeVante
Parker. If he starts playing better great, if not then move on and look for a
different receiver to takeover.