have been many rumors around saying that there is a possibility that Baker
Mayfield will be available at pick #11 and then be selected by our Miami
Dolphins. In all honesty I don’t know how I would feel about that. This whole
thing with the Cutler experiment has had me reluctant to want a new quarterback
and I honestly just want Ryan Tannehill back. Adam Gase has made lots of
coaching staff changes on the offensive side of the ball and the real question
is now if Gase is setting up this offense for Tannehill, Mayfield, or any other
Ryan has been our quarterback for
years now and the Dolphins have stuck with him because of his potential and now
he is starting to show that potential on the field and you’re going to bring in
another quarterback who can easily take his job? Not to mention and just sit
there with the large contract Tannehill has. Ryan doesn’t deserve to be a
backup and neither does Mayfield and since you have so much money invested in
Tannehill stick with him and pick up an offensive lineman to help protect your recently
injured quarterback. If the Dolphins draft Mayfield and don’t start him immediately
that would hurt the career of a young quarterback with so much talent and would
be a shame for the Miami Dolphins.
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