On Sunday when the Miami Dolphins finished their season finale against the Buffalo Bills, there were questions whether the Dolphins would give back up quarterback David Fales playing time. Sure enough, the Dolphins had Jay Cutler play one series and then played Fales the rest of the game. The last game of the season could be like a preseason game for teams because they want to look at the younger players and that’s what the Dolphins did with Fales. As much as I hate when that happens, the Dolphins did the right thing playing Fales throughout the game to see what he can do.

Look Ryan Tannehill will be coming back from knee surgery next year, Cutler is done in Miami, and the team seems to be lukewarm on bringing back Matt Moore so the team has to see what they have in Fales. While I don’t think Fales is the quarterback of the future at the very least he could be a back up next year, but the Dolphins need to look into getting a quarterback early in this year’s draft. I like Tannehill, but the fact is he is coming off knee reconstruction surgery and we don’t know how he will hold up next year. Plus Tannehill is 37-40 as a starter which is average and he has to prove he can take the next step which he hasn’t. We all found out what would happen without Tannehill for a full season now we need somebody that can push him next that could get the most out of him. This years quarterback class seems poised to be a very good one so the Dolphins should have options. Taking a quarterback in the first round shouldn’t slight Tannehill it’s just this team needs to bring in someone to push him and if that means taking a quarterback in the first round so be it.

Last year the Kansas City Chiefs traded up in the first round to get quarterback Patrick Mahomes to push Alex Smith and Smith has had a career year. He wasn’t happy the team traded up to get a quarterback and he used that as motivation to play better and it paid off for the Chiefs. In 2004, the San Diego Chargers had Drew Brees, but also had the number one pick in the draft and they ended up getting Philip Rivers in a draft-day trade. Brees’s career wasn’t starting off the way the team hoped for, but after the Chargers got Rivers, Brees started playing better. Competition can bring out the best in a quarterback and let’s face it Tannehill hasn’t been pushed since being drafted in the first round of 2012. He was basically handed the job and didn’t really have to earn. Now is the time to have him earn it and bring in a younger quarterback to push him.