Mayfield is one of the only guys the truly excites me and scares the hell out
of me at the same time. His play is reckless, yet special. His attitude upsets a
lot of people yet, his teammates seem willing to follow their fearless leader
into any battle.

Here are
my four reasons that the Miami Dolphins drafting Mayfield would be the right
1. The ability to sit for a year to
learn under Ryan Tannehill-
With Tannehill still on the team this could serve
as a perfect opportunity for Mayfield to sit for a year and learn from the
veteran.  Matt Moore proved to be a guy that could not be counted on for
an extended period and Jay Cutler will not be returning. It also would provide
Ryan with a guy in camp that will constantly push him to be better and if he
struggles, Baker will be right there to seize the opportunity.

2. Explosiveness- As a guy who
watched a lot of Oklahoma football this year Baker Mayfield can take over a
game by himself. In the last 10 years, there have been very few guys I have
said that about (Deshaun Watson, Vince Young, Lamar Jackson.) If you let this
guy get into the open field, he has true home run ability.

3. Leadership- As I touched on
before watching Mayfield on the sideline with his teammates, is truly something
special to watch. Yeah, I know he had some questionable moments (i.e. Kansas
game.) However, I believe he has moved past those flaws. The leadership quality
is hard to teach, and I think the Dolphins players will rally around a proven

4. The Alternative- Let me lay out
a scenario for you: At 11, the Dolphins do not take Mayfield and then they want
to take a QB in the next round. However, 2nd round prospects that figured to be
there, are no longer on the board (Mason Rudolph, Chase Litton, Lamar Jackson.)
The drop off from those type of guys to the next tier (Luke Falk for example)
is a big one.

The more I think about it the more
excited I get about the potential to take Mayfield at 11. I know some fans will
shake their head at us taking a quarterback in round 1, but after they see what
this kid can do they will be as excited as I am. What say you Dolphins fans?

Now and Forever… GO FINS!