The 2017 season came to end Sunday for the Miami Dolphins. It was another disappointing finish with a loss to the hated Buffalo Bills, but the most disappointing thing I saw Sunday was the actions of wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Landry scored a touchdown on Sunday in the 4th quarter and went up and head butted a Bills defender, which started a fight and ended with Landry and Kenyan Drake being ejected.

I love Landry’s emotion and passion he brings every Sunday. There is no question he is the emotional leader of the team, but there is a line you don’t cross when you play with that type of emotion and no question Landry crossed the line when he started that fight on Sunday. It looked more like he was looking to get ejected the way Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib fought in a game early this year between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. Like the Raiders and Broncos, the Dolphins and Bills are two old bitter rivals. There is probably no question Landry was probably trying to get some pay back for the game a couple of weeks ago, but there is no reason for it. In that game after the Landry was called for offensive pass interference on a play, he was called for unsportsmanlike conduct and basically cost the team 25 yards on one play. Landry has some of these stupid penalties and frankly it’s getting really tiring.

Landry’s contract is up and is looking for a lucrative deal in the neighborhood of 4yrs 60 million total with more than half guaranteed. Landry has had 3 straight seasons catching over 100 passes and while he caught a career high 9 TDs this year he only had 987 yds total and that’s less than 70 yds a game. Do you really pay a wr that much for that production? I say no. Landry is a slot receiver not a game changing receiver like Antonio Brown or Julio Jones they guys you pay the big bucks. Plus with Landry wanting the ball is it possible he is holing the offense back? You can find receivers there are no shortage of them. I realize the Dolphins are in a tough spot wanting to reward their better players, but they should draw the line with Landry  because of how he crosses the line from time to time. It’s not worth the headaches if you are  going to pay a player that type of money. The Dolphins should let him go or at the very least place the franchise tag on him and try to trade him to get something in return.