Scouting departments are working hard, big boards are being prepped and the countdown has officially begun to draft day – April 26th, Thursday night. As you can see on the Twitter-verse, other sports sites, and this site as well – the mock draft season is upon us. Though it’s hard to predict or read into what a team is going to do on draft day until after free agency and or rumors become more fire than smokescreen – it isn’t hard to see the obvious on the direction where a team may go based on needs. In my mocks though, I like to have fun and predict trades, which is exactly what I am doing in this mock today:

Trade Details
Colts: Received 6th, 70th, and 103rd Overall Selections
Jets: Received 3rd Overall Selections

Dolphins: Received 27th, 91st, and 2019 1st Round Selection
Saints: Received 11th Overall Selection

Eagles: Received 15th Overall Selection
Cardinals: Received Quarterback Nick Foles

Seahawks: Received 26th and 90th Overall Selections
Falcons: Received 18th Overall Selection